A Froggy Tale

This post is going to be different than the others.  I’m going to tell a story here.  A story of a little green frog who was just looking for a home.

Meet Froggy.[i]

"Hey. The name's Froggy.  I'm a plastic bookmark. And I'm about to wreak havoc on your electronics."
“Hey. The name’s Froggy. I’m a plastic bookmark. And I’m about to wreak havoc on your electronics.”

Froggy came into my life as a bookmark.  I’m not sure how long ago that was now, but H gave him to me.  Or lent him to me.  I can’t remember which.  I’m not one for using actual bookmarks – for some reason, I’d rather use receipts or random notes.  I’ve been given many a bookmark over the years, but it’s almost like I’m afraid of losing a real bookmark.  I read a lot, too.  It’s a weird quirk of mine.


H and I moved to our current home in the middle of September.  I’m not sure where Froggy was at that point.  Lost somewhere in the apartment, looking for a home, I would guess.  I distinctly remember using my computer (a two year old Macbook Pro) to watch Transformers with H not long after the move.[ii]

Between then and the weekend Catching Fire opened in theaters, my CD/DVD drive stopped working.[iii]

Everything looks fine, right?  Nope.
Everything looks fine, right? Nope.

And still, Froggy was no where to be found.

Flash forward to last Thursday, January 2nd.  I was home from work, nursing my running injury and trying to do some writing and blogging.  I moved my computer, and felt something in poking out of the CD drive.  The detective in me was curious.  I knew it wasn’t working, so I thought maybe this would explain why.  But upon further investigation, my fingers were too big to pull out the small piece of clear plastic that was poking out.

I went and got a tweezers.[iv]

Lo and behold!  There was Froggy!  Mystery solved.

"Dang it.  You found me.  Now I have to find another home."
“Dang it. You found me. Now I have to find another home.”

Now, in all seriousness, I have no idea how Froggy got inside my computer.  That’s entirely another mystery.  But the CD/DVD drive works again, thank goodness.  Froggy didn’t do any lasting damage by taking up a home inside my Macbook.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Except for Ole, who is apparently leery of Froggy.

"Is it food?  Smells like it could be food." -Ole
“Is it food? Smells like it could be food.” -Ole


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[i] He doesn’t actually have a name.  He’s made of plastic, after all.  But I am calling him Froggy for the purposes of this story.

[ii] No, we are not still college students.  But H’s good TV hadn’t been hooked up yet, or the DVD player wasn’t hooked up yet, or something like that.  Moving is stressful.

[iii] That’s super specific, I know.  But I tried to burn the soundtrack to Catching Fire for K before we went to the movie, and I couldn’t.  It kept making weird noises and spitting the disc back out.  I was frustrated, because I hate dealing with the Apple Store.  And I figured that was my only option.

[iv] This is going to sound ridiculous, but I credit my Chemistry degree for this solution.  I have had to fish many a paper towel out of test tubes with a tweezers.  It was the first thing that popped into my head.


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