30 Day Squat Challenge

One of the things that I want to be sure to include in this blog is information about my fitness.  I am the kind of person who easily finds excuses to not do things – I can’t run this morning because it’s below zero, I can’t get up early because I didn’t sleep well last night, I can’t meet up with you because I haven’t had a night off in over a week.  Things like that.  I am aware of this flaw, and I am actively working on being better about it.  I’m trying to not make so many excuses.  It’s part of my Positive Outlook 2014.[i]  This is outside my comfort zone, being an optimist.  But that is a story for another post.

My point is, I’d like to be a motivator.  I’d like to show that even people who make excuses can change.  So I am making an attempt to write about fitness when I can.

Besides the physical therapy that I have been doing for my knees,[ii] I have also been participating in a 30 Day Squat Challenge.  The doctor told me, when I hobbled into his office a week and a half ago, that I needed to strengthen the muscles in my hips, core, and butt.  Yes, my butt has apparently been weak.  So, I made the executive decision to supplement my PT with this 30 Day Squat Challenge, where I am currently on Day 9.

What are squats?

I’m starting from the beginning here, because my mom asked me how to do squats when I first told her about this.  What I’m doing are bodyweight squats.  And they are supposed to help strengthen the muscles in the hips, along with the gluteus maximus.  So if you want a butt that will stop people on the street,[iii] add high reps of bodyweight squats to your fitness routine.

Bodyweight squat technique
Bodyweight squat technique

What is the 30 Day Squat Challenge?

Well, I’ve heard about these 30 Day Challenges before, and I’ve even tried them.[iv]  A while back, I joined the fitness website/app called “Tribesports,” and they have a bunch of challenges like this on their website.  That’s where I found this squat challenge.  30 days of squatting so that I can hopefully run again.  I’ll try anything.

The infamous 30 Day Squat Challenge
The infamous 30 Day Squat Challenge

How is it going?

Well, it took me a couple of days to feel the burn, but I actually think I was doing them slightly wrong for the first couple of days.  I wasn’t going down to the point where my knees were at right angles.  But now that I’ve got the technique down, man, it hurts to do this after my PT every morning.  But I do it.  I turn on Netflix,[v] and I do mind-numbing amounts of reps of these things.  My muscles must be getting stronger, because I’m sore afterwards!

What’s next?

Well, everything depends on how the PT turns out.  My goal is to start training for my June marathon the first week of February, and this 30 Day Squat Challenge butts up right to that goal.  In addition to whatever I will still undoubtedly be doing for PT, I would like to do an Ab Challenge next, just to prove that I can.[vi]

Stay strong, y’all.


[i] On Thursday of this week, I will be talking about my New Year’s Resolutions for a better 2014, so you can find more about my attempt at optimism then.

[ii] I haven’t written about this yet, and for a reason.  I want to have more information before I go into detail about IT Band injuries.  Look for a post about this on January 23rd, after my next PT appointment.

[iii] I haven’t the slightest idea why someone would want that, but to each her own, I suppose.  That’s not why I’m doing it, obviously.  I want to run again!

[iv] I was doing an Ab Challenge, but I didn’t finish.  Excuses, excuses.  I know.

[v] The Netflix is simply to distract myself.  Currently, I’m watching Revenge, since I finished all of the seasons of Parks and Recreation that were available on Netflix.  Man, Emily Van Camp can look evil.  But I’ve loved her since Everwood, so I had to give the show a try.

[vi] Also because H and I are going to Texas in the middle of February, and I’d like to work on my abs before then.  🙂


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