Chloe + Isabel Grand Opening Pop-Up Recap

Happy Tuesday!  I am just in an excellent mood this week.  It’s for a variety of reasons,[i] but a lot of it has to do with the success of my Grand Opening Pop-Up for Chloe + Isabel over the weekend!  Let me tell you something – this jewelry sells itself.  It’s excellent.  I am so excited that I can be a part of this company.

So, this past Saturday, my mom and I put together a wonderful party for jewelry-lovers of all ages.  She invited some friends and coworkers, I invited some friends, and it was so much fun.  I love baking, and my chocolate chip cake batter cookies didn’t last longer than the weekend.  Those, combined with all the other food that my mom and I made available made it so that no one left hungry, I hope!

photo 2 photo 3

Some of my favorites from the past week.
Some of my favorites from the past week.

I was a bit nervous, since it was my first time working a party as a merchandiser, but knowing most of the women ahead of time really helped.  I gave my little spiel about the quality of the jewelry, told everyone to try things on!  That’s the best way to find out how great it is!  And the orders started rolling in.

I was successful enough to break even with my starting costs, so everything from here on out is profit for me.  But honestly, that’s not even what I most care about, now that I have seen this product and introduced it to other people.  Chloe + Isabel cares about customers, cares about merchandisers – they really care.  Knowing that makes it so much easier for me to promote this brand, to wear it to work every day, to tell people about it on social media and when I’m out and about, because I know that every person I recommend will be taken care of.

Other things I learned:

  • My mother is a great model!  She chose to wear a three-tier necklace for the party, and it was the top-seller!  She wore it well, let me tell you.
  • My sister also made a gorgeous model, pairing purple with mint green, which was beautiful and different.  I loved it!
  • People love homemade cookies and queso dip.  Not that I didn’t already know that, but it was confirmed over the weekend.
  • Selling a product that I love makes it so easy.  People can tell when you love something – it radiates, somehow.
Look at my gorgeous models!
Look at my gorgeous models!

1606869_10153865658825657_1241679017_n 1779150_10153865658940657_940342289_n

It looks like I may have two more parties booked for early March, which is just so exciting to me!  Something to look forward to when I have to come home from Texas.  🙂


[i] Can I even list all the reasons?  It’s less than a week until my birthday, a week and a half until we fly to Texas for a week-long vacation, and THREE DAYS until I see some Carolina friends who I haven’t seen since June 2012!


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