How I Met Your Mother – “How Your Mother Met Me”

What a confusing title!  For those of you who don’t keep up with Ted Mosby and the McLaren’s gang, the show is called How I Met Your Mother.  And this episode, the 200th episode, is called “How Your Mother Met Me.”  And it was the most satisfying HIMYM episode I have potentially ever seen.[i]


We’ve been following Ted for nine years.  Seriously.  If CBS had cancelled the show before we met The Mother, I think they would have had a witch hunt on their hands.[ii]  And let me tell you – Ted has dated a lot of women.  He always thought that he was going to end up with Robin, but I’m so so so glad he didn’t.  Robin is meant for Barney.  And The Mother – whose name we still don’t know – was meant for Ted.

We go back to the night that Ted met Robin.  It was The Mother’s 21st birthday, and she got some terrible news.  Her boyfriend, whom she loved very dearly, was killed.  We aren’t told how, but I was guessing some kind of car wreck, based on the conversation that preceded the news.  And she spends the next nine years healing.

All of the hints that we’ve been given over the years to keep us hooked on the show were in the episode – the yellow umbrella, The Mother being in class that time Ted was in the wrong class, etc.  We’ve seen her meet everyone else so far.[iii]  Except Ted.  And, despite the title of the episode, she still doesn’t actually meet Ted here.  But he hears her sing, and he’s already done for.

Let’s back up.  After The Mother’s boyfriend, Max, dies tragically, she doesn’t date for seven years.  But she eventually starts dating a guy who picks her up at one of her own gigs.[iv]  As Ted narrates, it was just never quite right between them.  He didn’t think that some of her quirks were funny, for example.  It wasn’t how it was supposed to be.  So when he proposes over the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding (where her band is playing), she has a bit of a crisis of heart.

She runs to the porch to talk it over with Max.  She tells him that it’s really goodbye this time, that she has to move on.  But she still goes inside and says no to her boyfriend.  She gets the very last room at the Farhampton Inn, and she brings her ukulele out to the balcony to sing, which is where Ted hears her.  And everything is perfect and nothing hurt.

There was an elaborate subplot involving one of her bandmates who was trying to hostilely take over the band and kick her out, and then Ted punches him in the face for breaking the third bottle of 30 year Glen McKenna Scotch, so the guy quits the band.  So she buys Ted a drink, even though she only knows him as “the best man.”  And, as Ted says in the narration, that was the first drink The Mother ever bought him.

I absolutely loved it.  And I can’t wait for the rest of the season.  It ends on March 31st already!  Gahhhh!

Several comments:

Cristin Milioti – she is flawless.  I love her.  I thought I would be disappointed, no matter who they cast as The Mother, but she’s perfect.  They picked absolutely perfectly.  Good work, producers.

Rachel Bilson – perfect.  She plays The Mother’s roommate in New York,[v] who later discovers that she’s a lesbian.  She has guested in a couple of other episodes, too – her role is pretty crucial.  And she was also perfect.

Andrew Rannells – he plays the bandmate who likes to start fires.  And he, also, is wonderful.  Loved him.

What I’m not happy about – that Lily walked out on Marshall the episode before this.  She hasn’t come back yet!  Selfish, Lily.  So selfish.  But I’m hoping for some closure next week.

Who else watched?  What did you think of The Mother’s story?


[i] And that’s saying something, since I’ve seen all 200 episodes.

[ii] Not that I would have participated, but I totally would have.  I’m still seething about the ending of Everwood.

[iii] Except Robin, I think.  But maybe I just don’t remember that one.

[iv] She’s in an economics-based band

[v] Ted dated her too, remember?


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