Weekend Plans #6


So!  This is it!  The weekend that my two North Carolina friends come to visit me in the frigid tundra of the Midwest!  J1 and J2, I’m so ready for you!

How did this magnificence occur?  Well, let me just tell you.

J2 is defending her PhD thesis in Medical Physics in April, so she has been trying to find her next step – which, in her case, is going to be a residency in Medical Physics at a medical center that is also a graduate school.  Luckily for me, I am within two hours of the most renowned medical facility in the country, and naturally, it’s one of her top choices for her residency.[i]

So, J2 arrived on Thursday, and then interviewed all day Friday.  I drove down after work last night and met up with her at her hotel, where girls’ weekend commenced![ii]

That was the original plan, at least.  But a couple of weeks ago, it got even better.

I was texting J2 (who was at her first interview for a residency in the Rocky Mountains), and a gchat from J1 popped up on my computer at work.  She said something along the lines of “I’M COMING TO GIRLS’ WEEKEND TOO!!” and then everything was glorious and nothing hurt.

So, the actual weekend is going more like this…

J2 arrived on Thursday, interviewed all day Friday, that part didn’t change.  I left work and drove to meet up with J1 at the airport, so she wouldn’t have to take a taxi.  We drove together to meet up with J2 and her college friend, and then we got some food.  AND THEN girls’ weekend commenced!

Also notable is that we are having dinner with my aunt and uncle tonight and one of their favorite restaurants in town.  My aunt works at the same hospital that J2 is interviewing at, so I thought it would be good if they talked to each other, and if J2 could see one of their favorite food establishments.  And then I will be returning J1 and J2 to the airport on Sunday before driving back home to H and Ole.

I suppose it’s also notable that the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia start this weekend, too.  But GIRLS’ WEEKEND is WAYYYY better.  🙂


Love, the girl who is bouncing in her seat waiting for her friends to arrive,


[i] You have no idea how exciting it would be to have her this much closer to me!  I’ve been trying to bite my tongue, because it’s a tough decision to make, deciding if you should move somewhere new and all of that stuff.  But if she moved here, I’d be bouncing off the walls.  We could have Pretty Little Liars marathons and girls’ weekends whenever we wanted.  BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS.

[ii] J2 also invited a friend from college who is in graduate school three hours away in a neighboring state.  Yay!  The more the merrier!


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