Hart of Dixie (Pilot)

I thought about writing about an episode in the two seasons of Revenge that I watched on Netflix, but I couldn’t pick one that I liked especially much.  They were all sort of the same – very dramatic with unnecessary conflict.  And!  They killed off my favorite character.  Ugh.  So.  I decided to skip over it entirely and write about the pilot episode of the next show that I will be marathoning on Netflix – Hart of Dixie.

Now, why did I start watching Hart of Dixie in the first place?  Well.  One of my coworkers mentioned on a couple of occasions that she really liked the show, because Rachel Bilson was in it.[i]  So, when I finished Revenge, I spent one lunch hour watching reruns of Say Yes to the Dress, and then said “Seriously?  You’re a graduate student who works full time and has another job on the side.  And you’re watching people throw their money away on wedding dresses with five digit pricetags.  Get real.”  So, I picked a new show to try – Hart of Dixie.

That's a good looking cast, right there.
That’s a good looking cast, right there.

Zoe Hart is a surgeon who is dreaming of joining her dad as a cardiothorasic surgeon, but she doesn’t get the fellowship she applied for.  Her mentor said that she doesn’t have enough experience in proper bedside manner, so he tells her to spend the year as a general practitioner.  This is all taking place in New York.  Back up a minute.  At her medical school graduation, where she gave the commencement address, a “random old guy”[ii] approaches her and offers her a job in Bluebell, Alabama.  Of course, she scoffs at him.  But after that, he consistently sends her postcards.  So, when she is told to spend a year doing GP, she calls him up and says she’s on her way.

After arriving in Bluebell, she can’t hail a cab (obviously), so she starts walking down the road to town.  She is picked up by this gorgeous looking guy who happens to be the town lawyer, named George Tucker.  He drops her off in town, and she walks herself right over to Old Guy’s practice.  Turns out, Old Guy died four months ago, and he left his half of the practice to Zoe.  Told you it was important.

So, other details:  The mayor is a former NFL linebacker Lavon Hayes,[iii] of whom Zoe knows a lot about, just from following pro football.  His groundskeeper is Wade Kinsella, who comes across Zoe in the middle of the night while she’s downing a box of wine on the side of the road.  George Tucker, it turns out, is engaged to the biggest biotch on the show, Lemon Breeland, who happens to be the daughter of Old Guy’s partner in the practice who is trying to buy out Zoe’s half.  The receptionist at the medical practice is a kind woman who is just sticking around until Zoe gets settled, but she’s very helpful in the process and delivers the biggest truth bomb of the pilot – Old Guy was Zoe’s dad!  Gasp!  So yes, there’s a lot going on.  But I love it all.

Why do I love everything about it so far?  I love the accents.  I love how ridiculous Lemon is, even down to her citrusy name.  I love Zoe for not having a clue about how much slower everything happens in the south.  I love the mayor, because he has a pet alligator named Burt Reynolds.  I just love it all!

I’ve only watched a couple episodes so far, but I can already tell I’m going to enjoy the show.  I recommend it if you like some southern charm with a touch of medical jargon thrown in.  Also, it looks pretty promising in the romantic drama department!  Yay for prime time TV drama!


[i] Which, come on.  Who didn’t love The OC?  Seriously.

[ii] This is more important than it appears to be.

[iii] He talks about himself in the third person a lot too, which is pretty funny.  And he has a pet alligator named Burt Reynolds.


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