Weekend Plans #9

How is it that the weeks seem to pass so slowly, and then the weekend is suddenly here and gone all at once?  Also, welcome to month #3!

This weekend is a pretty typical one for me.  Running around like crazy until Sunday.  Ha.  Yay.  But it will be fun, I promise.

Friday:  Typical day.  Spent more time than I would like having to work so I have some money, but whatever.  Then it’s hurry home, pack up all of my stuff, and hurry to my hometown, because there are things to do, y’all!  For me, those things are mixing together the dough for some of my infamous chocolate chip cake batter cookies.  Yep.  I’m breaking them out again.

Saturday:  To start out the day, I’m getting my taxes done.  Yes.  That’s how I’m welcoming March!  But that’s cool with me, because my mom is working part-time at the tax place in town, so she’s going to help me out.  And technically, I’m sure I’ll have been up for a while already baking the cookies, because the excitement starts in the afternoon.  My aunt is hosting a pop-up party!  So I’ll be heading to her house to help her set up, and then the party is in the late afternoon.  I’m really excited!  I love sharing my love to this jewelry with other people.  It makes the whole thing worth it.

Sunday:  The plan right now is that I will drive back to my and H’s home on Saturday night so we can have the full day to… clean.  Yes, this is the most fun part of the weekend!  (Not.)  But we’re feeling behind because of our recent travels, and we still haven’t done a real grocery shopping trip since we got back from Texas, so I’m hoping to fit that in, too.  And then, guess what?  It will be Monday again before I even blink.  Phooey.

Has anyone ever petitioned to switch weeks and weekends?  Work for two days (and obviously still make the same weekly salary you currently make), and then relax for five days.  Wouldn’t that be the life?  I’m just full of ideas.  I’d also like brake lights on the fronts of cars, so you can tell if people are slowing down when you see them coming up in your rearview mirror.  See?  I need to start patenting this stuff.



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