Juan Pablo and his Unhappy Women

How many of you watch The Bachelor?  I would guess a lot of you, even if you’re hate-watching, like I usually am.  I was so sure that Juan Pablo Galavais, former professional soccer player turned sympathetic single dad, was going to be a great Bachelor this season.  Oh man, how wrong was I?

Looks so cute and innocent, doesn't he?
Looks so cute and innocent, doesn’t he?

Last night was the usually-boring Women Tell All episode of this season.  However, last night was not boring, I can tell you that.  I’m not sure when WTA was filmed,[i] but it couldn’t have been very long ago.  And these women… MAAAAAAAAAAN, were they upset with JP.  For valid reasons, of course, but it started to get to the point of being mildly awkward to watch.

Most of them were saying the same things:

  1. “Juan Pablo liked to talk, but he didn’t ever ask questions about our lives.”  This is a fair thing to complain about.  As Andi said in the Fantasy Suite episode, women are often looking for a man who loves her more than he loves himself, and it certainly seemed like that wasn’t the case with Juan Pablo.  Most of the women seemed to agree with this statement.
  2. “Juan Pablo didn’t treat everyone equally.”  Now, I’m not sure if this is something that he was obligated to do.  It is a contest, after all.  But he didn’t even try to hide the fact that he liked some women more than others.  Clare, for example.  And Sharleen.
  3. “Juan Pablo contradicted himself every single day.”  He was always blaming this on a language barrier, but I think it was more than that.  He would tell some women that he didn’t want to kiss anyone that night, out of respect for his daughter,[ii] and then he’d turn around and make out with Clare when he thought no one could see.
The gang of upset women.
The gang of upset women.

There were more arguments, but those were the three main ones.  And honestly, I don’t blame these women one bit.  JP is slimy.  That’s my opinion on the matter.  He’s a scumbag, and I can’t believe it took all of us this long to figure it out.  And here’s why I think that:

  1. He made homophobic slurs in an interview, and then tried to take it back by blaming it on English being his second language.  Just own up to it, dude.  No, it’s not politically correct, but maybe you can grow a beard and sell duck calls with Phil Robertson.  Quit blaming everything on the language barrier.  As one of the women said last night, it’s a cop out.
  2. From what we’ve seen, he’s a mediocre father, at best.  I can only assume that ABC only showed us the best of his fatherly duties, and even then, he had little control over his four-year-old daughter.  What does that tell me?  He probably doesn’t do a lot of parenting, because little girls respect and look up to their dads, especially at that age.
  3. He thinks everything is okay.  ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  Feel something, man!  Or own up to not caring.
  4. He tells women how to feel.  Such as, telling them to stop crying.  Or making them look at him so he can tell them to be happy, or something similar.  Let them feel how they feel.  Women have complex emotions.  If she’s upset about something, let her be upset.
  5. He doesn’t have a filter.  Now, I understand that you can’t be politically correct all the time, and you want to find someone who will listen to your deepest, darkest, not-appropriate-for-prime-time-TV ramblings.  But don’t tell one woman about the other woman you slept with the night before.  And definitely don’t say to someone that you basically flipped a coin when deciding who you wanted to keep dating.  Keep those things to yourself.

I realize that Sharleen and Renee, as two examples, had very different experiences with Juan Pablo than anyone else.  But even they were agreeing with some of these things at the end.  He’s shallow.  He is often only interested in the physical relationship.  He doesn’t seem to have good conversation.  AND HE HASN’T FIGURED OUT HOW MANIPULATIVE CLARE IS YET.

At this point, I have no idea who I’m rooting for.  Clare?  Well, she’s bat-shit crazy, so they might be okay together.  Or Nicki?  She can be pessimistic and whiney, but she calms right down when he says that it’s okay.  I think it could go either way.  I guess we’ll find out next week, won’t we.


[i] I thought they usually promoted it as being live, but it wasn’t live last night, I know that.

[ii] First of all, how is that even a valid reason?  Second of all, why didn’t he just tell these women that he wasn’t feeling it?


2 thoughts on “Juan Pablo and his Unhappy Women

  1. Haha I could feel the anger in this post. Cracked me up. I don’t like the guy, but I don’t hate him either. I think he is getting a lot more hate than he deserves from the media actually. I certainly don’t agree with everything he did, but I really think what it comes down to is that he didn’t understand that they were making a TV show and things had to be done a certain way. He just wanted to find his girl. So he was super obvious about who he liked, and if it was up to him, I think he would have sent most of the girls home in the first 2 weeks. It wasn’t up to him though because they have to make money. So he didn’t really try to connect with the girls that he knew wouldn’t be his wife. This is why only a few girls really had a good time (Sharleen, Renee, Clare, and Nikki). Those were the only ones he really cared to get to know it seems.

    With that said, somebody said in their blog that they think something major happened between Andi and him in the fantasy suite and I agree. You don’t get that angry over somebody not asking you questions about yourself. And even if that was the case, she should have seen it way sooner. I think something else happened that is not being discussed.

    Anyway, in the end, I don’t think he was a great Bachelor, but I do think he is getting more hate than is deserved right now. I’m glad a few of the girls are sticking up for him. Also, almost all of the girls from Ben’s season hate him now (and think he was a terrible Bachelor) so Juan Pablo is certainly not the only one. As a last point, this thing was taped about 10 days ago (the Friday/Saturday before last). I don’t think they ever do this one live, but the After the Final Rose is always live (which is next week after the finale). Yes, I follow many of the girls from this season on Twitter which is why I know this 😛

    Oh, and if you like laughing, read this: http://bachelorburnbook.com/2014/03/04/woment-tell-all-tweet-roundup/ Their tweet round-ups are so freaking hilarious, AND it has to do with Mean Girls. What could be better? Nothing. That’s what.

    1. I actually wasn’t all that mad when I wrote this, haha. I don’t care for him, I was just trying to reflect the show and the girls. I do hate-watch the Bachelor most of the time, though. Hahaha.

      (I’m about to read the Tweet Round Up now. I follow Bachelor Burn Book on Twitter, so I know how funny they can be. 🙂 )

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