“You Sound Good To Me” by Lucy Hale

Listen here.


There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to talk about this song today.  First, Lucy Hale is an actress who stars in one of my favorite television shows, Pretty Little Liars.[i]  I know she wanted to be a singer first – she appeared on American Juniors in 2003, before she got into acting.  So, the point is, girl can sing.  But also, girl can act!  She plays Aria, my favorite misguided little liar, and her acting chops are really showing this season.[ii]  So!  That was why I downloaded the song in the first place – I knew she could sing, and I heard she was doing a country album.  I was all WHAAAAAAAT Lucy Hale is singing country?!?!  And yes, she is!  I’m excited for the full album in June.

Now, on to reason number two – the lyrics are so relatable.  Seriously, it’s like New Adult[iii] love to a tee.

Here’s the second (and my favorite) verse, followed by the chorus:

Tell me all of your stories

And don’t you leave nothing out

Because baby, I ain’t in a hurry

And every little thing you say’s

Got a real nice ring to it

The way it rolls off your lips

And oh, when you give me that kiss

It’s like an amen from the back of the choir

Sweet home and freedom underneath the tires

Kicked back sitting by a crackling fire

Strumming them guitar strings

Like an old song on the radio

That you grew up to and everybody knows

The rushing of the water when the river rolls

Winding wild and free

Baby, you sound good to me

Baby, you sound so good to me

Mmm, mmm, mmm, like a melody

Baby, you sound good to me

I remember, after I first met H, all I wanted to do was listen to him talk.  It’s not like he has an accent or anything, but I wanted to hear what he had to say.  We talked about our lives, our families, our friends, our dreams.  Anything and everything under the sun.  It was partially motivated by the fact that I wanted to get to know him, obviously, but it was also just because I like the sound of his voice.  Even now, when I’m feeling stressed, frazzled, upset, sad, angry – basically any negative emotion – his voice is enough to take me from an 11 down to whatever I need to be at to function properly.

I always thought that that would go away, to be honest.  That I’d get into the relationship and wouldn’t be affected the way I was at the beginning.  But it’s not true.  Even now that we live together, it’s still my favorite thing.  And I feel lucky, because I get to listen to him every single day.

As a ending note, I’m glad that Lucy Hale’s musical relationship is better than her PLL relationship.  #IsEzraA?


[i] Want to hear more about the show?  Stay tuned for Wednesday.

[ii] Again, read more on Wednesday!

[iii] This is a relatively new book genre that I am probably best suited for.  It is that age where you’re out of high school but aren’t exactly sure what you’re doing yet, don’t have a family, all that jazz.  I would put current Taylor Swift in this made-up musical genre as well.


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