“Monster” by Imagine Dragons

Listen here.

Imagine Dragons will (hopefully) have a new album coming out at the end of the year, and this is the first new song since their Night Visions album was released at the end of 2012.  I love Night Visions.  I know the whole album practically back to front, and I cannot wait for their new one!

But for now, this song will do.

Single cover photo.
Single cover photo.

It is very reminiscent of “Demons,” my favorite song from Night Visions that I used in a post in January.  But it’s also different, because it’s more upbeat, in that they know about the monster on the inside and are trying to escape.  Now that it’s trying to be springtime in Minnesota, I can relate to that.  I had a rough winter, and I’m ready to escape into something new and different.

If I told you what I was

Would you turn your back on me?

And if I seem dangerous

Would you be scared?

I get the feeling just because

Everything I touch isn’t dark enough

That this problem lies in me

It’s an acknowledgement of darkness.  It’s someone saying that he knows he’s the problem, and he’s working on it.  Like I said, I can relate to that.

I’m glad it’s almost spring.



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