Why I’m volunteering at Feline Rescue

A couple miles away from where H and I live, there is a no-kill cat shelter called Feline Rescue.  At the beginning of March, I started volunteering there as a Shelter Caregiver.

I haven’t told very many people about it, because I have been labeled as a “future crazy cat lady” in the past.  But, as I admitted in “Becoming a Dog Person,” I am a cat person.  Cats understand me, and I understand them, and we’re often friends.

So.  Here is why I am volunteering at Feline Rescue:

  1. H is allergic to cats, so I will never be able to have one as a pet.
  2. Stray cats are less likely to figure out how to survive than stray dogs.
  3. The concept of a no-kill animal shelter intrigued me.
  4. Playing with cats after a mundane and monotonous day at work improves my mood.
  5. I am a cat person.  I think I will always be a cat person.  And while I love Ole, he can’t be left alone like cats can.  Because he’ll eat things he’s not supposed to.  That’s a proven fact.

While I’m still new to volunteering, my experience so far has been a very positive one.  I don’t necessarily like the cleaning aspect of it, but there are always cats around, so it’s fun to interact with them while you’re cleaning.  I am hoping to move to a different position in a couple of months – maybe work in the medical part of the shelter or help with adoptions.  I’d like to think that, as long as I’m living where I am, I will volunteer there when I have the time.  It makes me feel like I’m doing some good in this world, and I like that.

Also, the cats are really, really cute.



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