“Big 3” Long Distance Hiking Trails

This week on Places Amanda Wants to Go But Can’t Afford, I am covering the “Big 3” long distance hiking trails.  Long distance hiking trails are walking trails that cover a significant distance.  There are three in the United States that cover more than 2,000 miles – the big three.  I have it in my head that one day, I’ll get the chance to hike some parts of these trails.

Here’s a breakdown of the trails:

  1. Appalachian Trail  |  2,180 miles long.  Runs from Maine through Georgia, and people who hike the trail from end to end usually take about five to seven months to do so.  The trail cuts through fourteen states, and the entire hike is through the mountains.  I’d love love love to quit my job and do this.  Love it.

    Map of Appalachian Trail
    Map of Appalachian Trail
  2. Pacific Crest Trail  |  2,600+ miles long.  This trail starts in Southern California, right near the Mexico border and runs north through the entire start of California, Oregon, and Washington state up into British Columbia.  Longer than the Appalachian Trail and through higher elevation mountains, this one takes 6+ months to hike from end to end.  Can you imagine the amazing views?  Absolutely gorgeous.

    Pacific Crest Trail map
    Map of Pacific Crest Trail
  3. Continental Divide Trail  |  3,100 miles long.  Runs from New Mexico at the border with Mexico north through Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  Only about 25 people attempt to hike the entire thing per year, and some areas are only accessible by bushwacking.  But if you had the time and were prepared enough, you could see some of the best views in the entire country, and hike through the entire Rocky Mountain chain.  If I had the time to prepare for that, I’d totally do it.

    Map of Continental Divide Trail
    Map of Continental Divide Trail

Well, now you know a dirty little secret of mine – I’d rather be hiking than working.  Ha!  That probably wasn’t much of a secret.

Information was found here.

What’s a crazy dream of yours?



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