How I Met Your Mother, “Last Forever, Parts 1 & 2”

I can’t believe How I Met Your Mother is over.  I seriously can’t believe it.  I feel… well, that’s what this post is going to be about, I think.  I have a lot of feelings.

Major spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the episode and plan to.


At the beginning of the episode, Ted leaves Barney and Robin’s wedding just after he’s seen The Mother playing the bass.  He’s moving to Chicago the next day, so he has to get back to the city.  He says all of these sad goodbyes to the gang, and then he’s sitting in the rain on the train platform, talking to this old lady.  She asks him about the bass player,[i] and eventually we realize that she’s asking because The Mother is also on the platform in the rain, holding her yellow umbrella.  We’ve been expecting this since the end of last season.

Then we start seeing flash forwards.

Twenty four hours later, Ted is still in New York.  He canceled his move to Chicago because he met a girl.  Marshall and Lily are mad at first, but then Lily sees him talking to The Mother on the phone.  And she knows it’s different.

Then, we flash to Ted planning his wedding to The Mother, and we find out she’s pregnant.  So their wedding is on hold.

Flash to the gang at Ted’s house in the suburbs, when Barney and Robin announce their divorce and Lily and Marshall announce that they are pregnant with baby #3.[ii]

Flash to Lily and Marshall deciding that they have to move somewhere bigger, and they throw a Halloween/Goodbye Apartment party.  Ted is still the Hanging Chad, but The Mother is part of the costume now.  I’m crying just writing this.  Barney is hitting on girls half his age, and Robin shows up without a costume.  She sees Barney being Barney and Ted so in love, and she splits.  She basically tells Lily that she can’t do it anymore, because everything is different.  And it’s pretty easy to see that she thinks she should have ended up with Ted.

Flash to Robots versus Wrestlers.[iii]  Barney is telling the gang that he had a perfect month.[iv]  But then he drops a bomb – the last girl got pregnant.

Flash to Ted telling his daughter about the building he designed.  Oh my gosh, she’s the cutest.  And then Robin shows up, and it’s pretty clear she hasn’t been around, because Penny[v] doesn’t know her name or anything.  Then we’re in a hospital waiting room, where Barney is about to have a baby.  He’s acting like Barney until the nurse puts his daughter into his arms.  Then he says something like this:  “I love you.  Everything I have and everything I am is all for you, forever.”  It was perfect and now I’m crying again.

Then we’re at Ted’s house again, where he takes back The Mother’s engagement ring and proposes again.  They are set to get married on that Thursday.  At MacLaren’s before the wedding, the gang is talking, and Barney yells at some young girls about not being dressed appropriately and taking shots before lunch.  It was amazing.  Then Robin shows up – she came back from her worldwide traveling for Ted’s wedding.  And then, The Mother shows up in her wedding dress to take a picture of the original gang.  And I’m crying yet again.

Their wedding is simple and perfect.  They look so happy.  Then Ted talks about how he loved her so much, even when she got sick.  I can hardly even type this.  Then we go back to the train platform, and hear their first conversation.  They were talking about the yellow umbrella, and how they both had it at different points.  And we learn The Mother’s name – Tracy McConnell.  They have the same initials!  And we all already know how it’s going to end, but it’s still so beautiful.

And then we see Ted, gray in his hair, facing his children and telling the end of the story.  And the kids start asking about the story – their mother was hardly in it!  Really, they say, the story is about Ted and their Aunt Robin.  And now I’m in a blind rage.  But I’ll get to that.

So the kids convince Ted to go after their Aunt Robin.  So he shows up at her apartment with the blue French horn.  And that’s the end.  THAT’S THE END.

Why am I in a blind rage, then?  Two reasons:

  1. The freaking writers had this planned all along, which just pisses me off.  That end scene?  It was filmed at the same time as the other scenes of the kids that we’ve seen scattered throughout the series.  So they knew.  They knew he’d end up with Robin.  And I hate that.
  2. I didn’t like Ted and Robin together.  They weren’t right.  Robin… I don’t know, but she was always incredibly selfish, and Ted was so selfless when he was dating someone.[vi]  But he and Tracy were perfect.  PERFECT.  They had a better love story than anything else I’ve ever seen on TV.  I wish Tracy had been in more than just the final season.

I am so incredibly upset that this is what we get, after faithfully following this show for nine seasons.  We get Ted and Robin.  It started with Robin, and it ended with Robin.  It’s good television, but I hate it.

My only consolation is that Robin is going to have to live with the fact that Tracy was Ted’s true love.  He says that.  Yes, I’m sure they’ll be happy, since Ted got to have his family, and Robin got to do her traveling, and they finally ended up together after all of that.  But I’m so mad.  I don’t think it’s fair to us that this is how it all had to end.

Also, you should read this.

I’m crying for Tracy and Ted now, because after nine seasons, the only time I liked Ted was when he was with The Mother.  And then she had to go and freaking die.  I’m so mad that I have to stop writing.  Like, right now.

This is perfect love.
This is perfect love.

Don’t get attached to television shows, children.  The finales will always disappoint you, and that’s what you’ll be left with.



[i] Obviously, Ted would be telling this whole story to the old lady.  Because Ted spends most of his life telling stories.

[ii] After Marvin, they name baby #2 Daisy.  How adorable is that?

[iii] I love that they included this again!


[v] Ted and The Mother’s daughter’s name – also completely adorable.

[vi] That may have been his fatal flaw, but it was great for when he was with Tracy.


2 thoughts on “How I Met Your Mother, “Last Forever, Parts 1 & 2”

  1. Agreed. There were good and bad parts. I’ve watched it twice. I was less mad after the second time. I was actually fine with the mom dying. I thought it was tragic, but made the whole series sweet because that meant he was telling the mom’s story to the kids so her memory would never die. But to realize it was just a stunt to get him back with Robin angered me. I’ve known for years that they had the ending planned from the start, but I think they screwed up by making the story lines go the way they did which kind of made the ending out of place. Need to ponder more.

    1. My take on it, after a couple of days of pondering, is that they let the series go on a little too long. I read several years ago that they had it planned out for seven seasons, but it went nine. Maybe it would have made more sense if they had ended it at seven, like originally planned?

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