Why I love Veronica Mars

I’m a little late to the show, I know.  Back when Veronica Mars was actually on the air, I didn’t know a thing about it.  I wish I had.  I could have used someone like her when I was in high school.

"A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I haven't thought of you lately at all."
“A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I haven’t thought of you lately at all.”

Recently, a coworker pointed out to me that you can watch all of the episodes of the show for free on Amazon Prime.  I was so incredibly excited about this, because back in November, I forgot to cancel my one-month trial membership and got billed for the whole year.[i]  So!  I had access to this little perk, and I’ve been taking advantage of it.

So, why do I love this show so much?  Oh, let me count the ways.

  1. Veronica takes crap from no one.  This includes her classmates, her dad, the sheriff, and any other adult on the show.  And while I don’t necessarily recommend this course of action to high school students, it’s wonderful on the show because she is truly smarter than all of the other characters (except maybe her dad).
  2. Her friends are loyal to her because she is loyal to them.  Take Wallace, for example.  They have a friendship where banter is the norm, but she helps him out when he needs it and he helps her with some of her cases.  Another example – Weevil.  And it’s been nice for her to have some friends in low places.[ii]
  3. She is friends with her dad.  This is one of my favorite parts.  On so many television shows geared at teenagers, a big part of the plot is the teen-parent dynamic.  In most of the shows I’ve watched, the teens think the parents don’t understand him or her, and there are many heartwarming moments when they bond and all is well.  Not on Veronica Mars.  She and her dad are tight, and it’s awesome.  They’re two peas in a pod.  I think that sets just as good of an example for teens as watching fights get resolved, because it shows that fighting and making up isn’t the only option.
  4. It shows the downsides of being rich and famous.  I realize that this is not the only show to grace us with this information, but I like how VM handles it.  Privileged families on the show, like the Kanes, the Echolls’, and the Casablancas’ – they’re the ones who suffer the most.  I won’t say anything more, because I’d really like everyone to watch the show!
  5. Veronica does not let high school get to her.  I know this is similar to taking crap from no one, but to me, it’s a little different.  High school is hard if you’re not well-liked, if people choose you as their scapegoat.  But VM handles that with a quick wit and justice on her side.  She’s pretty great, and a good role model for high school girls (aside from bugging everyone – don’t do that!).

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.  Watch Veronica Mars.  You’ll be impressed, trust me.  I, for one, am sad that I missed out when it was new.  But at least I can catch up now – better late than never, right?  And now I’m looking forward to seeing the movie eventually, too.

Later, Marshmellows.



[i] I was upset about this at first, but it has actually turned out to be great.  H and I have saved a bunch of money on shipping now, and I can get all of my textbooks from there.  Plus!  Veronica Mars!

[ii] And by “low places,” I mean the head of a high school biker gang.


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