Weekend Plans #14

Well, if there was one thing I didn’t think I would be doing to kick off the first weekend of April, it would be shoveling.  Not that I actually did any shoveling this weekend… But I should have.  We got 5+ inches of snow on Thursday night!  Why do I live here?[i]

This weekend is one of those that is busy and relaxing at the same time.  I took off from work early on Friday so H and I could leave while it was light out for his parents’ house.  Tonight, his brother is in a play!  Exciting stuff.

And that’s really the extent of the weekend.  H’s mom and I went on a long run this morning, but the rest of the weekend doesn’t have much in terms of plans.  And personally, I like it that way.

All of the damn snow better be melted by the time we get back, or I swear, Mother Nature, I’m going to find you and sternly tell you how unhappy I have been this winter.



[i] Okay, you should all know by now why I’m still living here.  There’s this cute blond engineer who somehow convinced me to stay.


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