JK Rowling

I’m not sure how it took me so long to write a blog post about the queen of young adult fiction, but here I am.  JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series.  You all know the story, right?  She was on welfare when she wrote Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in a coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Now, she’s one of the wealthiest writers in the world.  Money, however, isn’t all that inspirational to me.  No, that’s not why she inspires me as a writer, although it would definitely be a perk.  She inspires me because she’s a genius.JK-Rowling-SUM_2348620b

Back in college, I took a creative writing class that focused on the novel-length story.  It’s hard to train your brain to develop a plotline that is sustainable over 50,000+ words.  If you double-space your document, that’s 200+ pages of writing.  It sounds absolutely crazy, I know.  Like I said, you have to train your brain and really have an idea of what you want to happen, even if it doesn’t turn out that way while you’re writing.  All of this is why JK Rowling is a genius when it comes to writing.

She wrote seven independent books in the Harry Potter series.  Each individual book has it’s own plot arc – meaning that you could potentially read one of the books on it’s own, and while you’d be missing out on the amazingness of the other books and the series as a whole, it would all make sense.  That, in itself, is impressive.

But the more impressive part is that she found a way to write teenagers in a make-believe magical environment where their characters continued to develop over seven books.

And the most impressive part is that, while each book had an individual plot, there was also an overarching plot that covered and continued to develop throughout the seven books, culminating in one of the most impressive endings of any book series that I’ve ever read.


JK Rowling is the master of fiction.  I know she’s trying to write stand-alone adult novels now, but if I were her, I would have stopped.  She isn’t going to top what she’s already created.  But at the same time, I understand why she has to keep writing.  Once you start creating worlds, it’s hard to stop.  I get that.  Once I wrote one novel-length story, that’s all I could do.  I can’t make myself stop either.

Thank you, Ms. Rowling, for being my constant inspiration when I get frustrated with the process of writing and editing.  I am constantly striving to improve myself and create stories worthy of my favorite writers, like you.  One day, I’d like to hear that I story I created in my head inspired someone like you have inspired me.



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