“Find You” by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant

Listen here.

This is the first song on the Divergent soundtrack,[i] although it has an independent video, so it may have been released before that.  I can’t get over it.  I love how it sounds.  I could listen to it on repeat for days and days.divergent soundtrack cover

Let’s start with the first verse.

Silent love is calling faith

To shatter me through your hallways

Into echoes you can feel

And rehearse the way you heal

To me, this means that there is a love that goes unspoken.  It can be felt between two people, but it’s never said aloud.  What does this mean, in terms of Divergent?  FOUR AND TRIS.  Because, while Tris is an initiate, she and Four can’t be, even though they both feel it.  That’s what this entire song is about.  Four and Tris.

Trying (and failing) not to let on...
Trying (and failing) not to let on…

Make them dance just like you

Because you make me move

There’s always that one person who can make you do things that you never thought you’d do.  For me, that is H.  He can break through any mood, any fog, anything, and make me do things I don’t want to.  Even if it’s just smile.

High on words we almost used

We’re fireworks with a wet fuse

Flying planes with paper wheels

To the same Achilles heels

Now I’m thinking of Four and Tris again.  Remember the ferris wheel scene?  It’s the first time in the books especially where we can see that Four gravitates toward Tris, and that she makes him brave.  But they’re still a mess.  Tris is a bomb just waiting to go off, and in the books, we only know her point of view.  So everything coming from Four has to be deduced, made up in the reader’s imagination.  Tris is his kryptonite.  That’s what we finally learn in the books, and it’s even more obvious in the movie.  Tris is Four’s Achilles heel.

You see, Four is afraid of heights.  But he follows Tris anyway.
You see, Four is afraid of heights. But he follows Tris anyway.

I’ll run away with your footsteps

I’ll build a city that dreams for two

And if you lose yourself, I will find you

As dance songs go, this chorus is one of the most beautiful I’ve heard, lyrically.  It’s perfect for this movie.  Four would do anything for Tris.  He would, and he does in the later books.  This song is a lead in.  This song gears us up for Insurgent.

I only wish that everyone appreciated soundtracks like I did.  They bring a depth to a script and to the actors that you can really only find in books.  H is my Four.  I think that’s why I love this song so much.  Because when I lose myself, he really does find me.



[i] Stay tuned for my movie review of Divergent on Wednesday.


3 thoughts on ““Find You” by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant

    1. I love that one too! All of the Ellie Goulding songs on the soundtrack are pretty awesome, really. 🙂

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