Onto another place I want to visit!  This time, we’re going to Greece, and trust me, I think we’ll enjoy ourselves.  With a little help from this Touropia post, here are the ten best places to visit in Greece:

  1.      Thessaloniki – the cultural capital of Greece, and its second largest city.  With a combination of the historical and the commercial, it sounds like there will be something for everyone.Greece Thessaloniki
  2.      Corfu – the northernmost of Greece’s Ionian Islands, in the Adriatic Sea.  A center of Greek mythology, the island was ruled by many different empires over the years, and has retained a little bit of the culture of each of them.Greece Corfu
  3.      Rhodes – often regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece because of the local fauna, Rhodes is located in the Aegean Sea near Turkey.  It is a popular Greek destination for both its beaches and its history.Greece Rhodes
  4.      Peloponnese – with some of the most varied history in Greece, this is a place everyone should see.  Locals traditionally call Peloponnese Morea, which means Mulberry leaf, because of the shape of the peninsula.Greece Pelopennese
  5.      Mykonos – one of the most visited islands in Greece because of the nightlife and the atmosphere, Mykonos is also located in the Aegean Sea.  In pictures, the city is easily recognizable, because of the whitewashed houses with splashes of color.Greece Mykonos
  6.      Crete – the largest Greek island, it is home to varying landscapes and busy metropolitans.  Another site with a storied history, Crete still contains evidence of each civilization’s influence.Greece Crete
  7.      Delphi – Greece’s second most popular archaeological site, Delphi is located about two and a half hours from Athens.  Long ago, Delphi was revered by the Ancient Greeks as the center of the earth.Greece Delphi
  8.      Meteora – Gorgeous views of villages below, Meteora is home to historic monasteries perched on summits.  From the 14th to the 16th centuries, the monasteries were built by monks who were seeking freedom from religious persecution, and they are all still standing.Greece Meteora
  9.      Athens – of course, the cradle of Western Civilization is a must-see on this list.  With a blend of historical and modern features, Athens boasts both famous archaeological ruins and a bustling metro area.  If you’re going to go to Greece, you have to see Athens.Greece Athens
  10. Santorini – Last, but certainly not least, Santorini, the most picturesque island in Greece, and often considered one of the most beautiful in the world.  Famous pictures of whitewashed houses with blue domes for roofs have made this a very popular destination for tourists, who never seem to be disappointed in their visits.Greece Santorini

So, do you want to drop everything and leave for Greece now?  Because I do.



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