Veronica Mars, “Spit & Eggs”

As I have stated in previous posts, there are many things that I love about Veronica Mars.  Sadly, by the time this episode came around, it was losing its charm.  Season 3 has been decently disappointing overall, but I’m not done yet, so I can’t say how I’m going to feel at the end.[i]  But this episode was classic Veronica Mars.  I was on the edge of my seat, but at the same time, she was witty and kept me smiling enough to grit through the hard parts.vmars2

This is one of those episodes that starts out at the climax.  We see her running through the hall of a dorm, blood on her head and on her face, and she slumps against Wallace and Piz’s door.  Then we see a pair of loafers, some khakis, and Veronica look up at the person standing next to her.  And then the theme song plays, followed by “Two Days Earlier.”

The first thing that happens?  Logan breaks up with Veronica.  What??  I’m outraged!  They need to be together.  Ugh.  Drama.  Anyways, they break up.  And I’m sad.

Some other stuff happens.  Mac, Wallace, and Piz are all in this episode.  The campus is still being haunted by the rapist that is cropping up here and there.  And ad is placed in the school paper from the rapist saying that he’s going to pick his next victim at the Pi Sig party that night.  So, obviously, Veronica plans to go, and forces Mac, Wallace, and Piz to go with her.  She arms them with coasters that can detect GHB in drinks, which is pretty cool.

A lot of stuff happens in this episode, actually, but let’s get to the good stuff.

VMars and her posse figure out the name of the girl who they believe has been roofied, and they try to find her.  Except the girl in question gave her ID to her little sister, so she sent Wallace and Logan (who volunteered in order to keep Veronica safe) to the wrong place.  So, naturally, Veronica goes on her own to the little sister’s dorm room and tries to save her.

Which is where we learn the rapist is Mercer Hayes, a friend of Logan’s.[ii]

Veronica fights with him and ends up stabbing him in the leg with a unicorn horn, which was freaking awesome.  Which is how we get back to her running through the hall of the dorm.

I agree with this confession completely.
I agree with this confession completely.

I’m still confused about why she was knocking on Wallace and Piz’s door, since she knew Piz and Mac were still at the party and Wallace was with Logan at the sister’s apartment.  But she slumps against the door, we get the image of the khakis and loafers (which is also what Mercer was wearing), but then we see that it’s just Wallace and Piz’s RA, Mo.

So, yay, Veronica is safe.

She tells Mo that Mercer is the rapist, Mo makes her some tea, and he goes to that girl’s room to check it out.  Which is when Veronica starts to feel the GHB kick in.  Because Mo drugged her tea.  She also sees a picture of Mo and Mercer on Mo’s bulletin board.  And we have an accomplice!

Veronica calls her dad from Mo’s phone while tripping and hiding in his closet.  There’s a confrontation, and Veronica is left lying on the floor, barely conscious.  So what does she do in a last-ditch attempt to save herself?  She blows the rape whistle that was given to her by Parker, Mac’s roommate, who was another victim of the Hearst Rapist.

And Parker hears it.

It is Parker who keeps Mercer out of the room where Veronica is lying, and it is Parker who finds her and gets help.  Once Veronica is able, she tells the sheriff that she called her dad from Mo’s phone, so they can track the number.

But the two most intriguing parts of this episode were in the last five minutes.

First, we see that Logan is going to make Mercer pay, since Mercer was going to rape Veronica and shave her head, too.  Oh, I love Logan.  I love LoVe.[iii]

See?  They're supposed to be together!  Look at them!
See? They’re supposed to be together! Look at them!

And second, we see that the dean of Hearst College has been shot.  Shot!  What??  Well, there was a side plot where the dean found out his wife was cheating on him, and then he went to the Neptune Grand Hotel and caught them together, and then was drunk when his office window was getting egged, and then someone showed up at the door.  And then he was dead.

And that becomes the mystery for the second half of Season 3.

I’m sad that this season isn’t as good as the first two, but don’t worry, I am still entertained.  I hope to do some sort of profile on either the last episode of the series (if it’s any good) or movie, once I see it.  There will be more Veronica Mars, don’t you worry.

Happy Wednesday!



[i] Although, I’ve been told that it’s super open-ended, so I’m not going to feel much better.  But now there’s a movie, too!  Yay!

[ii] What bothered me about this is that it wasn’t a revelation at all.  Mercer had been on of Veronica’s suspects the entire time, and Logan actually provided his alibi for one of the rapes once.  So… not very suspenseful.  I’m not a big fan of being right about who did it.

[iii] Which is Logan+Veronica.  Duh.


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