Weekend Plans #16

It’s Easter weekend!  What does that mean for H and I?

It means we are headed to my parents’ house, because Easter also just so happens to be my mom and sister’s birthday![i]

Here’s the breakdown:

Friday:  drive to hometown after work.  Relax and stuff.  Maybe go to bed early.  Because…

Saturday:  I have a busy day ahead of me!  I have to wake up and do a 12-mile run, half with my dad and half by myself.  My car needs to get to my uncle, because my driver’s side window won’t roll down, and he works some magic.[ii]  And then we’re celebrating my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary for dinner!  Sixty years??  What??  I can only wish I can celebrate sixty years with H one day.

Sunday:  Easter Mass with my parents, followed by brunch out.  Then probably some stuff for my sister’s birthday.  Who knows?  There aren’t any set plans yet.

Sounds like a fun time, no?

Happy Easter!



[i] And my sister is turning 21, so watch out, world!

[ii] He’s also a mechanic, haha.


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