Earth Day

Last night was a rough one for me.

I have been working myself to the bone this last week, trying to start two internships while finishing up my spring semester classes at the same time.  It’s all been going fine, until last night.  In one of my internships, my site supervisor asked me to do a writing assignment where I had no experience.  So I did some internet research.  I’ve done enough research for other things that I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what is acceptable as a source and what isn’t.  But she was so unhappy that she sent me four emails in quick succession telling me how wrong everything I did was, and how I can’t rush because her work means a lot to her, and how when I mess up, it means more work for her.

Wow.  That’s all I have to say about that.[i]  I do not respond well to condescension.  Or incorrect grammar.  And her messages were ripe with both.[ii]

Anyway, today is a new day.  And it’s Earth Day!  So I’m trying to calm myself down by appreciating the great outdoors today.  Here’s a little story:

Two years ago, I quit my job as a contract employee at a Fortune 500 company to go on a road trip with my friends.  I wanted to go west.  That’s where the mountains are.  In the course of the trip, I realized how completely reliant I am on technology.  And I hated it.

It has taken me two years to truly make a change, but I’m trying.  I started by deleting the Facebook app from my phone, because who needs to be clued in to who is engaged or married or pregnant every second of every day?  And honestly, I don’t really miss it.  I can still check the website periodically.  It’s completely liberating.

Running has helped.  Now, when I cross a bridge over the river, I don’t just see a structure.  I see the river.  I see the water flowing over the rocks and the birds swooping through the air.  I can’t wait to start biking.  I think that will help, too.

I have always loved being outside, but it took spending time in cities to really realize what I’ve been missing.  I’ve been missing the sunshine, and the fresh air, and the green that only comes from trees and grass.  As far as living in a city goes, this one is probably the best I could possibly do in terms of getting my share of nature, too.  There are lakes and parks everywhere, and I love it.  I love it.

This morning dawned chilly, but the sun was out.  I’d rather layer an extra jacket on and enjoy the sunshine than stay inside.  It’s too bad I’m cooped up at work today.  I could use a little Vitamin D.

Go outside today.  Take it all in.  Nature is everywhere, and it is beautiful.

“Take a ride across the Badlands.  Feel that freedom on your face.  Breathe in all that open space.”  —Jason Aldean, “Fly Over States”

“She needs wide open spaces.  Room to make her big mistakes.  She needs new face.  She knows the high stakes.” —Dixie Chicks, “Wide Open Spaces”



[i] Although, last night, I handled it by sobbing uncontrollably for about an hour.

[ii] It turns out that I’ve got a little TSwift in me.  Except I don’t write songs.  Just blog posts.


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