Veronica Mars, “Papa’s Cabin”

Well, here I am, writing another post about Veronica Mars.  But I have two reasons for doing so this time.

  1. I have added two internships[i] on top of my usual coursework, so the only time I am able to watch anything is at lunch, or after work.  And after work, I’m usually not focused enough to actually be paying attention to whatever is playing on TV.
  2. They wrapped up another important but random plot point mid-season.

The last time I wrote about VMars, she had just caught the Hearst College rapist, and we learned that the dean was dead of an apparent suicide – a gunshot wound to the temple.  In the following episodes, Mindy O’Dell, the dean’s much younger wife, hires Keith Mars to find out who murdered her husband, because she knew he didn’t kill himself.  But Keith thought she had done it.

Which is where our episode begins.

Mindy points the finger at her lover on the side, Veronica’s criminology professor, Hank Landry.  He is arrested, and his kiss-ass of a TA, Tim Foyle, sets out to prove Dr. Landry’s innocence.  Except Tim is terrible in action.  Veronica catches him breaking into her dad’s office.  So he enlists Veronica’s help.

dun dun dun!
dun dun dun!

They end up searching for Dr. Landry’s alibi, a stripper that he bummed a cigarette to after her shift ended.  They find her, but then it comes out that she is actually the mother of a young man who is on parole – and Dr. Landry was on his parole board.  Dr. Landry’s phone had been bugged, and they find those recordings.  Nothing super interesting, but they do hear a conversation that Dr. Landry had with a guy at Pepperdine, where Tim applied for a job.  Dr. Landry basically said that Tim would be a worthless professor.  That was a bummer.

Another bummer? I'm 99% certain Tim is wearing a toupee.
Another bummer? I’m 99% certain Tim is wearing a toupee.

Mindy flees town on a boat, and Dr. Landry tracks her down.  With the help of a photo that Tim and Veronica found in Dr. Landry’s apartment, the Sheriff is led to a resort in Cabo San Lucas, where the boat is moored.  But Mindy isn’t on it.  It’s just Dr. Landry.  He tells this sob story about how they were fighting and he didn’t mean to, but she went overboard.  Then she washes up dead on the beach.

And Tim takes over as the professor for Dr. Landry’s courses, appointing Veronica his TA.

But then she figures it out.

Turns out, Tim was the one who had bugged Dr. Landry’s phone, so he heard that his mentor didn’t give him a great recommendation to the guy at Pepperdine.  And he wanted revenge.  In the recordings, he also learned of Dr. Landry’s affair with the dean’s wife, and he used that to his advantage.  He framed Dr. Landry, hoping to ruin the rest of his life.  And that’s basically the end of the episode.

This one did surprise me a little, but I started to suspect that as the episode went on.  But it was definitely more intriguing than the rapist episode.

Other plot points:

  • Keith Mars is reinstated as Sheriff when the other sheriff is killed trying to bust Mindy O’Dell’s ex-husband.

    Sheriff Mars!
    Sheriff Mars!
  • Logan and Veronica get back together.  And then they break up again.  This time, Veronica does the breaking, and it’s because she found out that Logan had sex with Madison Sinclair over winter break.  Why is this a big deal?  They were broken up, after all.  Well.  Madison Sinclair was the one who slipped Veronica the GHB when she was in high school, which led to her being raped and losing her virginity without knowing it.  So, there’s some history there.  And Veronica says she can’t get passed that.
  • Logan clearly still loves Veronica, but he starts to move on with Parker Lee, Mac’s roommate.  Personally, I’m not okay with this.  And Veronica isn’t either, but she pretends that she is.

My episode comments can be whittled down to this:  Why did this happen mid-season?  What’s left in the rest of the season?  I guess we will find out.

All right.  I’m out.  Will there be more Veronica Mars on this blog?  I can’t yet say, young grasshopper.



[i] More about those on Friday.


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