Interning, Take 2

Well, something interesting is taking place in my life right now.  I am a 25-year-old intern.

Now, I did the traditional intern experience back in college.  I worked hard, secured an internship at a cool place (NCIS) that was in a city I’d never visited before (Washington DC).  Then I packed up and spent the summer there, making no money and living off of my parents.  Which is fine when you’re barely legal.  It’s not quite as cool when you’re 25 and have been self-sufficient for the last two-ish years.

But let’s back up for a minute.

Why am I an intern again?  Well, I’ve mentioned the Master’s program that I’m in, right?  The program requires three credits of internship before you can graduate (unless you’re working in the field).  And H has pretty much decided that he wants to go back to school to get his Master’s, as well, so we’re working on a tight schedule.  Ideally, I was going to wait until next summer to intern, and then graduate at the end of the summer.  But that’s not feasible anymore, since H wants to start next fall.  So!  I had the task of trying to find an internship while working full-time.

Turns out, there are such things as virtual internships.  And I have now secured three of them – two for the summer and one for the fall.  Yay!  Extra work that I don’t get paid for!  Ha.

The two for the summer are vastly different.  One is for a travel writing retreat website, where I’m a blogging and social media intern.  The other is for a health food website, where I’m an editorial intern.  Busy, busy, busy, but it’s going to be good for me, I think.  I keep on task better when I know I don’t have time to goof around.

It’s just weird to be in the mindset of an intern again.  Oh, you need this done by tomorrow, huh?  And you want me to do what?  Really?  Huh.  All right.  It sure sucks that I’m not getting paid to do this.

But I keep thinking of my resume at the end of it, and I smile.  Because I need to get myself a good job, y’all!

On a different note, Carolina is gorgeous and I am in love all over again.  🙂

Does anyone have any good internship stories?  I love myself a good internship story.[i]



[i] I have a pretty good one from my internship at NCIS.  I was told to get a big box from the mailroom, so I went down to get one.  It was still flat, and the elevator was taking forever, so I thought, gee, I’m healthy, I can take the stairs.  And then I hit the Director of NCIS with a box on the stairs.  Oops.


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