New Favorite Designer!

First things first – it’s May, everyone!  Hurray!  Hopefully that means the weather will finally start to get nice here in the Midwest.  Hopefully… please?  After a week in the Southern sun, I would be completely okay with summer.  Just saying.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I went to see a movie on my last full day in North Carolina, but I also did a little shopping with J1.  Where did we go?  Kohl’s, of all places – I hadn’t shopped there in at least a year, probably.  But you’ll never believe what I discovered.

I have a favorite clothing designer!

You’ll definitely never guess who it is.[i]

Lauren Conrad![ii]lc lauren conrad logo

I think I only tried on clothes by LC Lauren Conrad.  That isn’t because I’m super picky about brands (I’m not).  It’s just because it was the only stuff I liked enough to consider purchasing.  I ended up with a dress and two shirts, and I don’t regret it one bit.  I’m wearing one of the shirts today, actually, and wore the other one on the plane yesterday.  As an added bonus, the items I bought go great with my Chloe + Isabel jewelry. lauren-conrado-kohls-2

What did I discover from this experience?

I’ve been almost exclusively shopping at malls for the last several years, having written off stores like Kohl’s and JC Penney’s.  I thought I had outgrown them.  And I was partially right – this is what actually happened:

I had to stop looking in the juniors section.  That’s what I’ve gathered.  Switching from juniors to women’s clothes has made all the difference![iii]  I can find shirts that flatter my body that aren’t made for high schoolers, and not pay the high price of some of the mall shops.  I really need to start saving money, after all.  Especially once I get the tuition bill for my summer classes.  Yikes.

I spent very little money (in comparison to most vacations I take) while I was in the South, so that made me feel much better, too.  And now I have clothes to wear for every upcoming occasion – I’ve already mapped it out.  Hurray, indeed!

I think these are from a couple of years ago, but I love her style so much that it doesn't matter to me.
I think these are from a couple of years ago, but I love her style so much that it doesn’t matter to me.



[i] Okay, this one is sarcasm, because I bet you’ll be able to guess just fine.

[ii] I told you, I’m fairly predictable.  And I just love her.

[iii] I always felt like I wasn’t old enough to shop in the women’s section of big stores.  I was wrong.  So very wrong.


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