Weekend Plans #19

Another weekend!  Hooray!

I’m posting this a little later than normal, so it’s mostly a recap of the weekend.

Friday – H and I did a little shopping after work, and then went out to a nice dinner.  It was a really relaxing night, and we went to bed early.

Saturday – a high school friend and I ran an obstacle race in the early afternoon, and we were actually very disappointed in the whole thing.  It was called the Hit and Run 5K, and it was so poorly organized that I don’t even know where to begin in telling this story.  It was in the middle of nowhere, there were serious lines at all of the obstacles, and by the time we got done (an hour and a half after we started), all of the food and drinks had been packed away!  It was a nightmare.  I would never do one of those races again.

Sunday – Mother’s Day!  H and I drove to my hometown after the race to hang out with my family for Mother’s Day.  And we get to see his family next weekend, so that will be nice.  We don’t have any big plans for the day, so that will hopefully be decently relaxing.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!



One thought on “Weekend Plans #19

  1. Sorry about the obstacle course race 😦 We learned a couple years ago that the only ones worth going to are the expensive ones that have been around for 2-3 years already because they have already worked out all the details. The first one we did was horrible and we waited for a really long time also, but the Rugged Maniac has been awesome because they have been doing it for awhile and it’s for profit (rather than for charity) so they really put a lot of work into it. Sorry you had to waste your time though!! 😦

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