Movie Review – Veronica Mars (the movie)

I finally – FINALLY – got around to watching the Veronica Mars movie.  It was everything I hoped for, except with the typical ending that left more to be desired.  The questions I have left will be written in parentheses as they are relevant.  Let’s recap, shall we?vmarsmovie


It’s nine years after the series finale.  Veronica is now living in New York, interviewing at prominent law firms, because she is about to take the Bar Exam.  (Question:  Why did she wait three years after college to go to law school?)  She is dating Piz again, and I’m glad there was the one line in the movie about how they broke up for a while but then got back together, because I didn’t see Piz allowing the relationship to last nine years without marriage, since he adored Veronica so much in season 3.  She is visiting Piz at his office at a radio station in NYC, and all of a sudden, there is breaking news on the television – Bonnie DeVille has been found dead in her bathtub.  Oh, that name doesn’t ring a bell?  Don’t worry, it will.

You see, Bonnie DeVille is the stage name of one Carrie Bishop, who was in two episodes of Veronica Mars back in 2005.  (Question:  She was played by Leighton Meester back then – why didn’t the actress return to play her again?)  It turns out that Bonnie was dating Logan Echolls, and Logan has been charged with her murder after being found passed out next to the bathtub by the police.

So what does Veronica do?  She goes back to Neptune, obviously.  Because Logan called her and asked her to.

It also happens to be the weekend of the Neptune High 10-year reunion, which means we get to see some of our old favorite characters again!  Yay!

You can't see Chris Lowell's shirt, but it says "Team Logan" on it.  Ha.
You can’t see Chris Lowell’s shirt, but it says “Team Logan” on it. Ha.

So, blah blah blah, stuff happens, the sheriff’s department is corrupt, someone is covering up the truth, and Veronica figures it out.  In this case, it’s that Carrie Bishop’s best friend Susan Knight died from alcohol poisoning on a boat several years before, and they tossed her overboard, and someone named Stu Cobbler blackmailed everyone else on the boat with a video of them disposing of the body.  (Questions:  Why did I not notice until now that Bishop and Knight are both chess pieces?  And why was Cobb not in the series?  He’s played by Martin Starr, who is Bill on Freaks and Geeks – that would have been amazing!)

Here’s the shortened version:  Dick Casablancas, Gia Goodman, Luke Haldeman, Carrie Bishop, Susan Knight, and Cobb were on the boat last night.  Everyone except Dick and Cobb threw Susan’s body overboard.  Dick was asleep; Cobb was filming the rest.  Cobb then blackmailed Gia, Luke, and Carrie from then up until the present.

Okay, now we’re in present day again.  Gia is engaged to Luke, but she’s sleeping with Cobb, because that’s part of the blackmail.  And she’s covering for Luke, who is apparently gay.  Anyway, Carrie, aka Bonnie DeVille, the pop star, was having a change of heart.  She couldn’t keep the secret anymore.  She was going to tell.  So she had to be killed.

And then it got pinned on Logan, because he was an easy target.

There’s more to it than that, but in the end, Gia, who was never the brightest bulb in the display case, tells Veronica everything.  And then she dies for it at the hands of Cobb.  And Cobb is arrested by the shady sheriff, who everyone wants out of office after they learn how shady he really is.

As for Veronica?

Well, she loses her job offer at the big law firm because she felt the need to stay in Neptune to help Logan.  (Question:  Jamie Lee Curtis plays the lawyer trying to hire Veronica – why wasn’t she in the series?!  Again… AWESOME!)  She also loses Piz, who does return to New York without her.  But she gets Logan, and her Private Investigator business is back.  And she is close to Mac and Wallace and Weevil again, which is pretty great – they were in the movie too, which I was so happy about!  Even if Weevil got framed for something, again.  Sigh.

Look at him look at her.  LoVe forever!
Look at him look at her. LoVe forever!

The bitch is back, indeed.

My thoughts on the movie?  I liked it, aside from having to stare at Kristen Bell’s weird middle part the whole time.  (This is not a question, but I think she should try a side part.  That’s all.)  I love Veronica and Logan together, more than I liked her and Piz, because Pizonica seemed forced.  But LoVe?  It’s perfect.  To be honest, I’m hoping for a sequel movie.  I’d even donate some money to the cause.  (Are you listening, Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas?  I bet you could get another Kickstarter thing going!)  I’m going to give it 4/5 stars.  And I’m going to probably guilty-pleasure watch it several more times in the next month or so.

A long time ago, we used to be friends… and I’m thinking about Neptune very often, actually.



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