Sarah Dessen

I have written about other authors now, saying how they taught me how to write and how to feel and all of that.  And I love all of them and never lied about anything I said.  But none of them hold a candle to Sarah Dessen.sarah dessen

I was in high school when I read my first Sarah Dessen book, The Truth About Forever.  And I was blown away by how she made me feel what Macy was feeling.  I was there.  I was in the book.  And it was confusing and terrifying and none of it made sense – just like teenage emotions.  Since then, I have absorbed most of her other books like sponges (although I haven’t read either of her two newest – I’ll have time to catch up on all of these books one of these days, I swear!), and it has made me want to write like her.  Because she gets it.  She really, truly gets it.sarah dessen books

Being a teenage girl sucks.  And Sarah Dessen understands how to turn that into a good story.

The way she captures the emotions of a character is what is so intriguing to me.  She has a way of making everything that a teenage girl is thinking make sense to readers who aren’t feeling that anymore.  Especially when it comes to boys.  The decisions of teenage girls when it comes to boys seem a little random a lot of the time, but Sarah Dessen makes them real to readers. sarah dessen lock and keey sarah dessen this lullaby

I can’t explain it any better than that.  But I’ve been trying to write teenage girls for years, and Ms. Dessen is always who I am trying to emulate.  She’s wonderful.  She writes characters so so so well.  I love her, and I can’t wait until I have time to catch up on the books she has published in the last couple of years.

I can definitely tell you that I’m sure the characters are flawlessly written.

Happy reading!



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