Book Review – Real Happy Family by Caeli Wolfson Widger

This one is going to be short and sweet.

Don’t read this book if you appreciate good writing.  Until I was 75% done with the book, I still wasn’t sure where it was going.  The different perspectives were confusing and inconsistent, the plot didn’t make sense as a story arc, and the writing itself needed a healthy copyedit.  The characters were intriguing, I’ll give it that.  And the plot could have been very interesting, had there been more to it.real happy family

Also, I’m still pissed about the ending – the one good character in the book (the only one I liked, Lorelei’s older half-brother, Darren) gets screwed over in the end, while all the screwy characters are successful and happy.  Stupid.

Here’s a quick synopsis before I’m out of patience just remembering this book.  (CAUTION:  SPOILERS)

Lorelei Branch is a 22-year-old actress trying to make it big in Hollywood.  Her mother messes up her one reality show audition, thereby black-balling her in Hollywood.  So she runs away with her druggie boyfriend to Reno.  Colleen, Lorelei’s mother, has an issue with drugs, alcohol, and having the perfect body, and is obsessed with her daughter.  Carl, Lorelei’s father, is tired of Colleen’s antics.  Darren, who is married to Robin, Lorelei’s agent, is filming a movie in Florida when his wife, who is hopped up on fertility drugs, gets pregnant.  Lorelei’s boyfriend overdoses right as she has finally found clarity and stopped using, and when her family is staging an intervention.  There are some other characters, but they don’t matter.  Happy ending for everyone except Darren, who never learns of his wife’s indiscretions.  The end.

I guess that’s what you get for downloading a free book from Amazon.



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