My Friends are Married

Have you visited the Tumblr blog of the same name?  If you haven’t, you should.  My Friends Are Married is a wonderful little corner of the internet that I can strongly relate to in the best way possible.

Here are some hilarious examples:mfam1 mfam2 mfam3 mfam4

What I like is that she is empowering women in a hilarious way.  It's brilliant.
What I like is that she is empowering women in a hilarious way. It’s brilliant.

I know that some people probably get offended by this blog.  I, however, am happily in a relationship, and I still think it’s hilarious.

However funny this blog is, it’s not the main point of this post.  The main point is, my friends are married.  It’s just a statement that has been haunting me for several years.

Okay, “haunting” is probably a little strong.  But you’ll understand in a minute.

For the last three years, I’ve been going to weddings.  Which has been wonderful!  Don’t get me wrong on that.  I love weddings.  And this weekend, I was invited to two more (obviously, and very sadly, I can only attend one of them).  And one of H’s college buddies is getting married at the end of the summer.  And one of my grad school friends is getting married next May.  And so on and so forth.  And I love it – I get to travel to new places and see old friends and celebrate, and it’s awesome.  Until after the actual wedding part, when I realize…

Almost all of my friends are married.

My newsfeed on Facebook is filling with baby pictures.  And anniversary shout outs.  And several-year-old wedding pictures that people put up to reminisce.  And I get it – I’ll probably be guilty of many of the same things, when my time comes.  But it’s weird to think about it.

Because once I start thinking about it, I realize that my friends are moving on with their lives without me.  And that makes me sad.

So, as two more of my friends get married this weekend, I have been thinking a lot about it.  About my friends all being married.  I want that, I really do.  But at the same time, it scares me.  Right now, I’m getting the same question all the time – when is H going to propose???  Yes, I realize that we live together, so it seems like he’s waiting a long time.  Or whatever.  It will happen, don’t worry, people.  But I would so much rather hear that question than the inevitable next one – when are you going to have babies???

I suppose I should no longer have that reaction to babies before I have one, huh?

In any case.  My friends are married.  I hope you’ve had a few laughs.  And, finally, enjoy wedding season!



2 thoughts on “My Friends are Married

  1. haha I’ll have to follow that tumblr. I’m single and was engaged for a time. Although no one in my family is really expecting me to get married anytime soon. I can relate to the whole wedding picture, baby pictures, engagement pictures on FB. I’m happy for my friends and yes I’m sure when the time comes I will be doing the same thing. It’s funny because when I was younger I wanted to get married and have babies but the older I get the more I really don’t mind not having babies and not getting married.

  2. Well just know that some of us married with kids folks do envy the single no kids folks lives at times too. How nice it would be to have the freedom to do something simple like go out to a restaurant for dinner.

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