John Green

This one should be a no-brainer.  While I’m on the topic of writing about my favorite authors, I had to mention John Green.  Not only is he one of my favorite writers, but he is one of my favorite people that I don’t actually know.  Yes, I have a category of people like that.  Ha.

John Green.  Where do I even begin?

The first book that I read was The Fault In Our Stars.  Because, of course, right?  I was into Tumblr then, and he is a Tumblr nerd.  Which is only one of the many reasons I love him.  Also, for the record, TFiOS The Movie comes out this weekend.  I can’t wait to see it!  So, I bought the book from Barnes and Noble, and I read it in a single day.  But, there’s more!  The book itself was fantastic, but what I loved the most was the two handwritten notes that I found in my book while I was reading.  Both of them were from Nerd Fighters, telling me how much the book meant to them, and reminding me not to forget to be awesome.  It was the best.  John Green has built such a fan base.  He understands teenagers, and he writes them completely realistically.  I’ve also read Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, and they are also excellent.

Then, there’s his YouTube channel with his brother, vlogbrothers.  They give out fantastic advice, talk about funny things, and are just cool people.  Go forth and explore the channel.  It’s awesome.

There’s also the fact that he hosts Mental Floss, which is a countdown show.  How awesome is that?  Lists, all the time!  I love it!

And last, but most important, is this:john green venn diagram

I could keep going, but I’m going to leave it here.  John Green is amazing.  Read his books.  Watch his videos.  And, most importantly, don’t forget to be awesome.



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