My Marathon Decision

First, before I get to anything else, I want to thank everyone who commented and gave me advice last week when I asked about my marathon prospects.  I have reached a decision, and it has been, in part, because of all of you.  So, THANK YOU!

Unfortunately, it isn’t a very happy decision.

I am not going to run Grandma’s Marathon on June 21st.

This was a very difficult decision to make.  I hate it.  I really do.  But I have come to three conclusions:

  1. I have a lot of life left to run a marathon.
  2. It’s not worth being in pain for weeks afterward.
  3. I haven’t gotten my miles in, and it might be dangerous for me to try.

So.  Again, thank you everyone.  I’m very sad, and disappointed in my knee and myself and everything since I got injured in January.  But my time will come.  I will run Boston one day.  I WILL.

I have to keep thinking that, or I’ll start to get depressed that I failed.  AND, I still get to go to up north for a long weekend.  So that’s nice, and will be so welcome.



One thought on “My Marathon Decision

  1. There is nothing worse than trying to run 26.2 with an injury and a deficit in the mileage department. Marathons are like streetcars, if you miss one there will be another one along any time now. Good call. I think it will pay off in the long ( ahem) run.

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