The Bachelorette Double Feature

Greetings, Bachelorette land!  What an exciting week it has been!  Two episodes in a single week!  This usually doesn’t happen until considerably later in the season, but I’m not complaining.  Since I have class on Monday nights, I was able to watch Sunday’s episode live, and then Monday’s episode yesterday while on my lunch break.  And, believe me, I have some things to say!andi dorfman bachelorette

First, Sunday’s episode:

One-on-one #1:  Nick

Group date:  Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick, and Marcus

One-on-one #2:  JJ (the Pantsaprenuer)

Nick’s date was pretty unextraordinary.  They talked a lot.  And stuff.  Honestly, I don’t remember much about it other than he got the rose at the end.

The group date was fun, though!  The guys (and Andi) got to hang out with Boyz II Men and sing and stuff!  And Bradley, the opera singer that looks like Charlie Sheen, thought he was going to knock it out of the park.  Because he’s an opera singer, so singing is, like, his thing.  It’s horrendous.  But Boyz II Men has some wonderful commentary for the camera, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Bradley tries to make Boyz II Men work as an opera.  It doesn’t. andi-dorfman-filming-bachelorette

The dinner portion was fairly uneventful, although Andi plays a (not at all) hilarious prank on Cody by asking him if he had another girlfriend back at home.  He freaks out, because HE’S BEEN SINGLE FOR THREE AND A HALF YEARS!!!  But, it’s a joke, so… it was awkward, because no one jokes well on the Bachelorette.  Josh, the former Major League Baseball player, gets the rose because he kisses good.

JJ’s date… oy.  They dress up like old people?  And talk in “old people” voices (is that a thing?).  And it’s disturbing.  Bad idea, ABC.  Abort!  Abort!

Sadly, they do not abort.  But JJ and Andi appear to be loving it, and JJ goes home with the rose.

Oh, and while they were on that date, Ron got a phone call saying that one of his good friends had died, and he left.  Which was sudden, but that sort of thing usually is, unfortunately.

The cocktail party is a little bit interesting, because some of the other guys accuse Andrew of getting the hostess’s number while on their group date.  Or something like that.  He’s a pansy about it, in any case.  But he doesn’t get sent home.  Everyone stays except Brett the hairstylist and Bradley the opera singer (THANK GOD).  Which brings us to…

Monday’s episode:

One-on-one #1:  Dylan

Group date:  JJ, Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Josh, and Patrick

One-on-one #2:  Marcus

Dylan’s date was a bit awkward at first, because we, as the audience, knew that he wanted to tell Andi about how he lost both of his siblings to drugs.  It was weighing on him.  When he finally tells her, she cries with him, and she gives him the rose.  Cool beans.  Oh, and they got to ride on an old-fashioned steam train, which was pretty cool.

The group date was typical Bachelorette affair.  The guys, after meeting and getting their asses handed to them by some WNBA players, split into teams to play basketball against each other.  Okay, this was completely unfair.  Not only were the teams uneven (five versus four), but the team with more players had Brian the Basketball Coach.  Clearly, they were destined to win and move on to the evening portion of the date.

The rest of the group date was fine.  A little dull.  Brian made a half-court shot, though, which was cool.  I would have given him the rose, too, Andi, just for making that basket.

For Marcus’s date, Andi decided she wanted to conquer her fear of heights by repelling off the top of their hotel.  Yeah… no.  I would have been like, “You’re cool, Andi, but I’m going to have to leave now” and then run away.  I hate those repelling/jumping off stuff/climbing up a bridge dates.  Andi, for her part, was having second thoughts, and Marcus did, indeed, literally talk her off the edge.  It was a bonding moment.  How lovely.

Their dinner is nice, and then they are in the crowd at a Jon Pardi concert.  Obviously, Marcus got the rose.

But this is where the episode got interesting, and very, very sad.

While on the group date, Eric and Andi had this awkward conversation about how their relationship had basically stalled.  And they were talking about how to remedy it.  So, at the cocktail party, after Marquel showed Andi how to do a sleeper hold, Eric pulled her aside to share what he had just realized.  He said that he felt like she often had on a mask, and he rarely got to see glimpses of the real her, and he liked the real her, not the fake her.

Eric and Andi on the first night.
Eric and Andi on the first night.

Well.  You’re not a Bachelorette if you wouldn’t fly off the handle at that comment.

After some arguing and crying, Andi and Eric parted ways, and we see Eric walking to a cab.  And that’s the last we see of Eric, because he died several weeks later.

Then we see Chris Harrison, who said that it didn’t feel right going straight to the Rose Ceremony from there, when we all know what happened to Eric on Easter Sunday.  He and Andi chatted about Eric, about the tragedy, and about how Andi regrets that she never had the chance to laugh with him again, one last time, and tell him that it’s all water under the bridge.

Like I said, it was interesting, and sad, and I’m glad they did it.  I’m glad they acknowledged that it was the last time anyone would hear his voice again, because his family, if they were watching the show, would have been able to see him again, ever so briefly, on national television.  Was that fact comforting, or did it keep them awake at night?  I’m not sure.  But now we know how he left, and how it all ended.  And I, personally, am glad they included it.

Before we leave, we are told by Chris Harrison that Tasos was the only one sent home during the Rose Ceremony that night.

Eleven remain for next week!

What did you think of Eric’s exit, and how ABC chose to handle it?



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