Weekend Plans #24

Weekend weekend weekend.  I wish that weekends were longer, always, because here I am on Saturday afternoon, and I’m still tired and I haven’t gotten anything done yet.  Ugh.  All I want to do is sleeeeeeeeeep.

Here’s the weekend breakdown:

Friday:  H was gone overnight on a work trip doing bridge inspections, so it was just Ole and me on Friday night.  I had leftovers for dinner, did some editing for one of my internships, and then went to bed and talked to H for a while on the phone.  I party hard on Fridays, don’t you know.

Saturday:  In the morning, I had to deliver Ole to H’s parents, because they have a puppy-sitter for him for marathon weekend (which is next weekend already!).  So I drove about an hour and met them at a Dairy Queen and tried out the s’mores blizzard.  (Totally worth the hype, it was delicious.)  Then I had lunch with Seester, did some homework, and now H is home!  He’s napping, currently, and then we’re going to have a double date dinner with K and her husband.

Sunday:  Nothing planned buy homework!  Yay!

I hope I get some good sleep tonight.  I need it.

How has everyone’s weekend been?


P.S.  A note on yesterday’s blog – did anyone figure it out?  There was a secret message!


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