Pretty Little Liars, “Whirly Girly”

All right!  I’m here!  Unfortunately, this week has been a bit of a bitch (excuse my language there), so this isn’t going to be the full recap that you’re used to.  But I plan to return to normal again next week!

So, I couldn’t wait to watch this episode, because I thought some questions would finally be answered.  And man, I wasn’t wrong.  But it left even more, naturally.prettylittleliars502hdtv-lol0084_zps6d23f9d4

  • The Liars brought Alison back to Rosewood.  Yeah, FANTASTIC IDEA.  Sheesh.
  • They had a plan, and that plan was to tell Detective Man the truth.  But Ali went rogue and lied.  This made the other girls very uncomfortable.pretty-little-liars-whirly-girly-06
  • Alison went rogue because she got another A text, except it wasn’t signed by A.
  • Spencer’s mom also suspects Melissa of something!  Which is excellent.  I can’t wait to see how that plays out.
  • Jason is back.  And he’s cleaning out his car in the middle of the night.  He’s also watching Alison sleep now.  Neat, huh?
  • Alison gets a dog?  At least he’s cute.  And barks at stuff.
  • Mrs. DiLaurentis is missing.  No one knows where she went.  Mr. DiLaurentis even goes to Ashley Marin to ask her to break into Mrs. D’s email to figure out where she went.
  • Aria is freaking out because she killed a guy (who happens to be a girl, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it).  Emily sits down and has a nice heart to heart about what it takes to get over having killed a guy.  Also, Ezra is still in the hospital in New York.  Even though all of the girls’ families think they were in Philadelphia.
  • Aria is also being haunted by ShAna’s violin playing.
  • Mona and Mike are sort of back together?  Hmm.
  • Mona is playing off her plan of attack against Alison as protecting the girls of the school.  Riiiiiiiight.
  • Mona sent that creepy text to Alison.  We already knew that Mona knew that they were in New York (I know you know that I’m not telling the truth…)  And Mona is pretty explicit when she tells Alison that she’s going to take her down.
  • The girls follow Jason to some back alley where they are told off by some drunk guy.
  • Toby is back!  And he and Spencer made some sweet love while her phone rang and rang and rang.
  • Alison is terrible at following rules.  Her dad only had one – stay in the house!  And she couldn’t do it.
  • Jason picked Mrs. D’s side in the divorce battle.  Mama’s boy, for sure.
  • And, finally, Mrs. D’s body is found buried right there in the DiLaurentis yard.  Dang!

Did I miss anything?  Probably.  But right now, I have three main questions:

  1. What is Melissa hiding?
  2. Who is Jason sneaking off to see?  Since we obviously know it’s not Mrs. D.
  3. When are we going to get to see Lucas and Paige again?!

Stay tuned for next week, when I’ll do the real recap, I swear!



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