Weekend Plans #25

It’s North Woods weekend!  And I am very happy to be here, despite being sad about not being able to run the marathon.  So, here’s how the weekend has rolled out:

Friday:  H’s sister and her boyfriend stayed with us on Thursday night, and then the four of us drove up to the North Woods together for marathon weekend.  We spent some of the day in the car and some of it hanging out, playing cards, relaxing, and doing the vacation thing.  So that was pretty splendid.

Saturday:  Marathon day!  H’s mom and aunt got up early for the 7:45 start.  Both of them did very well – H’s mom PR’d by three minutes, and his aunt completed her first marathon, which is always an accomplishment.  After that, H and I went fishing, and I caught a half dozen trout!  We threw them all back, but it was really nice to spend that time with H on the little row boat.  Now, we’re off to a celebratory dinner.

Sunday:  Hanging out, exploring the small city that borders the North Woods, and vacationing.

It’s been a pretty awesome weekend already, and I’m glad for the break from reality.  Those are always nice.

Happy weekend!



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