“Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” by Tim McGraw

It’s late, and I’m exhausted after a fun weekend with H’s family and my parents.  So this is going to be short and sweet.

This song makes me think of myself, in a way.  I always thought I’d love the city.  My hometown seemed much too small when I was growing up there.  But now I want that life.  I’m tired of the traffic and tired of the running around.  I’d like things to slow down a little bit.  I’d like to spend more weekends like this weekend, where my cell phone didn’t have any service at all, so I’d just leave it in my purse for the entire day and not miss anything.  I’d like to spend more time in a rowboat, fishing for trout with H while wearing my yellow sun hat.  I’d like to play cards with my family, play charades on a Sunday afternoon, and not worry about being late for anything.  I’d like to be able to get everywhere in fifteen minutes.  That’s what I’d like out of life.

Maybe someday.



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