Psych, “Deez Nups”

Also known as the episode where Juliet finds out.  Womp womp.

Okay, so here’s quick rundown of the plot.  Lassiter is marrying his girlfriend, who was just in prison.  In order for them to live together and not violate her parole, they must be married.  Quick bachelor party (where they catch a criminal) and a quick bachelorette party (where the chief gets super drunk) and everyone happily watches Lassiter and his lady exchange vows.

But then Shawn gives Juliet his jacket, which held a ticket stub to a show where Shawn “divined” the criminal was earlier in the episode.  And Juliet figures it out, that Shawn isn’t really a psychic, and that he’d been lying to her this entire time.

My heart was sad, but also, there was a weight lifted off my shoulders.  Why?  Because a) I am too involved in the lives of these characters, and b) Juliet had to know in order for them to move forward in their relationship.

But it breaks my heart because they are the love story that I have loved since I first started watching the show.  And I thought it would suck when they finally got together, but it got better.  And then it just got sad.

You know, everyone told me that Psych jumped the shark long before we hit season seven (which is when this episode took place), but I respectfully disagree.  I still love it.  Shawn and Gus still make me laugh uncontrollably.  And that’s what entertainment is all about, right?

Plus, I love knowing that Maggie Lawson (Juliet) and James Roday (Shawn) are dating in real life, and have been for eight years.  And I also love knowing that James Roday is half Mexican, but doesn’t look it, just like me!  I feel connected to the show because of that.

Anyways.  I’ve moved on to Psych: The Musical.  So, that’s fun.  And the recap of PLL will come tomorrow in a bonus TV post!



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