Scandal, “Happy Birthday Mr. President”

Two things I have say right from the get-go, here.  First, we left for vacation last night, so I’m behind on Pretty Little Liars.  You will get two recaps next week, I promise!  Second, I started watching Scandal after I finished Psych on Netflix.  And MOTHER OF GOD, it’s fantastic.  Thank you, Shonda Rhimes!  You’re the best!  I could watch Olivia Pope and the gang all day every day, not even joking.scandal1

So.  If you haven’t ever watched Scandal, this isn’t the recap that you should start with.  Because this is from season two.  It’s a bit turbulent.  You’ve been warned.

Okay!  Quick catch up to see where we’re at.  So, Fitz is turning fifty.  The big five-oh.  He’s upset about the state of his marriage.  He’s upset that his mistress is moving on with someone else.  And then.  Then!  He gets out of the limo at this own 50th birthday gala, basically dragging Mellie out after him, because she doesn’t want to go, and then he gets shot.  All we see is that he was hit.  And then the last episode ended.  And this one, this episode – it began.

We get to flash back and forth between Fitz’s first 100 days as the president and the aftermath of the shooting.  They’re looking for a shooter.  They’re hoping Fitz pulls through his surgeries.  There’s a lot going on.  And Olivia… she’s trying to organize the communication of the White House while she’s trying to hold it together, because her boyfriend just got shot three times.

Her team is working tirelessly trying to figure out what to do.  And I watch, glued to the screen, like this completely crazy person.

In the flashbacks, we watch as Olivia and Fitz sneak around until she can’t take it anymore.  He is married and she is his mistress and she can’t take it anymore.  So she resigns.  And Fitz lays in the hospital.  And Sally Langston plots to take over the presidency.scandal2


That is all.



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