Bachelorette Hometown Dates

For my FR, who likes when I write about the Bachelorette (among other things).  🙂

andi dorfman bachelorette

This is a polarizing episode in every season of the Bachelorette – either you love the hometown dates or you hate them.  Or they’re boring.  Last season, with Juan Pablo, they were boring.  But Andi’s hometown dates have been pretty great.  Maybe it’s because I’m from the Midwest, and two of the final four contestants are from the Midwest.  Or maybe it’s just more interesting in general.

Here’s how it broke down:

Nick:  Nick’s family was pretty great.  And also, FREAKING HUGE!  There were like, a dozen siblings who met Andi!  Which is nuts.  She had a cute conversation with Nick’s youngest sister, and his whole family seemed to really like her.  Good stuff.  I really haven’t liked Nick up until this point, but it was different when he was away from the other guys.  He did seem like a very good match for Andi, when watching them one-on-one.bachelorette andi nick

Chris:  Chris’s family is the best!  I’ve never seen a family like that on this show.  They played ghosts in the graveyard!  I didn’t even remember that game up until now!  Awesome.  Maybe that’s a Midwest thing, too.  But I know that Andi had some concerns, because she doesn’t know what she would do in small-town Iowa.  But Chris’s mom really made her feel better, and his sister’s loved her.  I liked watching them together.  Also, it was weird that Andi was so surprised that Chris owned his own house.  Uhh… is that weird?  Another Midwest thing?  Am I missing something?bachelorette andi chris

Josh:  I haven’t really liked Josh yet.  He’s such a jock, you know?  But it was the same thing as with Nick – he was different when he was around his family.  And, unlike Nick, all of the other guys really liked Josh, so there wasn’t that weird dynamic.  Anyway, his family spent a lot of time talking about how his brother Aaron was hoping to get drafted into the NFL (which did happen – he’s the new quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.  You should read this.), and how Josh’s life has been about Aaron for a while now.  But it went well, all in all.  I think Josh has the advantage of being a Southern boy, since Andi is Southern, too.bachelorette andi josh

Marcus:  Dang, I could hardly remember who the fourth guy left was.  Is that an omen?  Hopefully not.  Anyway, they’re in Dallas.  He gave her a tour, as if Dallas is a cool place.  (It’s not, in my opinion.)  They spend a day in Marcus’s life… which apparently includes stripping?  Weird.  Marcus’s family seems to understand how quickly he falls in love and wants to take care of people – which is exactly what Andi is worried about.  Hmm.  I’m not sure now this is all going to go.  Also, Marcus’s mom has an Eastern European accent?  What?ANDI DORFMAN, MARCUS

And now… well, now is what I wasn’t waiting for.  The gang hears about Eric Hill’s death.  Yikes.  The guys were all pretty stoic, and Andi was crying.  She feels so guilty, and I don’t really blame her.  This season was hard to watch, at times, knowing that one of the contestants died.  All I can say is #LiveLikeEric.

Well.  In the end, Marcus went home.  Ironically, he was the only one who told her to her face that he loved her.  She wasn’t sure she could catch up to his feelings.  I guess my forgetting him was an omen…?  Sorry, Marcus.

In any case.  I’m not sure how I feel about the final three.  I just hope it isn’t Josh that wins.  Something about Josh just doesn’t sit right with me.

We will see!



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