I fell behind again…

So I’m going to be another day late with the Pretty Little Liars recap.  Honestly, I haven’t even had the chance to watch the episode yet!  Ugh.  These next two weeks are going to be the busiest of the entire year.  But!  After July 25th, I get a month off of school.  A whole month!  I’m so excited!

Here’s what I was doing today – I was researching and writing a presentation on the paper that was just released about Facebook controlling your News Feed to manipulate your emotions.  Interesting stuff, right?  Take a look: Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks.  I also made a PowerPoint.  And wrote a speech to present.  And then I went grocery shopping, took the dog for a long walk, washed the dishes, and prepared dinner.  And now I’m here.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, amirite??



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