Jennifer Lawrence

Well, we are seven months into this year, and I am finally getting to the point in my inspirational person schedule to write about celebrities.  And, obviously, the first celebrity that I wanted to write about was Jennifer Lawrence.


Because I honestly, truly, 100% believe that, if I were ever to meet her in real life, we would become friends.  I think she’s hilarious, and our self-deprecating styles of humor are complimentary.  Plus, she’s a nice person, a good person, and she is talented as all hell.  It’s a winning combination.  Plus, she’s Katniss.jlaw4

However, none of those are the reason I chose to write about her first.

Jennifer Lawrence inspires me because she is real.  She looks like a normal person (aside from the designer clothes and jewelry and all that).  She eats like a real person (in fact, she is almost always hungry).  jlaw3And she acts her age (she’s only 23, after all).  But she also has this endearing, clumsy, genuine grace about her.  She’s an Oscar-winner, but you’d never know.

She has been known to say that, when she took on the role of Katniss, she wanted to make sure she could be a real inspiration for young girls.  jlaw1Katniss is supposed to be poor, nearly starving, but she didn’t want to look like she was sickly skinny.  She didn’t ever want a girl to skip a meal because it seemed cool.  So she just got strong.  She plays this fierce role model for girls, and she knows how to make Katniss into a real person.jlaw2

I love Jennifer Lawrence for many, many reasons.  She’s wonderful.  She’s my spirit animal.  She’s my fake best friend.  And she inspires me to chase my dreams.

The Mockingjay lives.



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