Bachelorette Fantasy Suite Episode

Well, everyone, we’re down to the final three on this season of the Bachelorette.  I agreed with Andi’s picks up until this point, and I figured I’d be in for a pretty boring episode followed by an overly-dramatic Rose Ceremony.  Boy, was I pretty much right, but a little bit wrong!  Haha.andi dorfman bachelorette

Andi’s first date was with Nick.  They flew to a private island by helicopter, which is a typical Bachelor franchise date.  They did a lot of kissing, some awkward talking, and then went to a nice dinner.  All through this date, Nick was stumbling over his words, trying to tell Andi that he loves her, but he can’t find the words to do it.  It’s cute, really.  I didn’t like Nick much when he was living with the other guys, but I am completely on board with Andi ending up with him now.  She obviously invites him to the Fantasy Suite, where they presumably become lovers in the nighttime.

The second date is with Josh.  I have been hesitant about Josh, but, like Sean Lowe before him, he has so far proven that he is more than his stereotype.  They spend a fun day together, exploring, dancing in the street, and playing baseball with some Dominican kids.  It looks like they have a really good time.  Also, did you know that Josh speaks Spanish?  That was awesome to see and hear, and makes me like him even more.  He also tells Andi that he loves her, and also gets a key to the Fantasy Suite to make her his lover in the nighttime.

The last date of the week is Chris, the gorgeous and manly farmer from Iowa.  The two of them go horseback riding, and then play another game of Ghosts in the Graveyard, which is stupid, because it’s light outside, duh.  They have dinner, and then… oh, then Andi flips a switch.  At least, that’s how it looks for Chris – she’s been telling us, as the audience, that her feelings for Chris weren’t on par with her feelings for either Josh or Nick.  After a teary goodbye (where she keeps saying she isn’t blaming it on Iowa, but that must at least be part of it, or she wouldn’t be so adamant), Chris packs his bags and heads home.  I’m sad for him, but happy at the same time.  Andi obviously wasn’t right for him.  He’ll find a woman who likes a man with a tractor and is perfectly fine living in Iowa.  He will.

Andi then has a talk with Chris Harrison about being happy with where she is right now.  She’s glad she has Nick and Josh as her final two.  She has a stupid Rose Ceremony, where she gives them both roses, and then we are promised a dramatic Men Tell All episode, followed by the finale two weeks from now.  Oh boy!

What did you think of Andi’s choices?



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