Scandal, “The Price of Free and Fair Elections”

Election Day approaches in Washington DC, folks, and it’s also the season finale of Scandal that aired on April 17 of this year.  Yes, I realize I’m three months behind, but I’m all caught up on Netflix now, so Scandal will probably be the show I recap on Wednesdays in the fall!  Hooray, right?  Maybe?  No one?  All right, well, I get some enjoyment out of writing about TV, so I’ll keep at it.scandalfinale3

The episode before this ended with Cyrus Beene aware of the bomb at the Senator’s funeral, but he didn’t tell anyone about it.  He just sat down with the President to go over his eulogy.  Rude.  I realize he wanted to kill off Sally Langston, but still!  “Killing people off” shouldn’t be literal.

Well, Jake shows up to save the day, and then the bomb goes off just as everyone is evacuating the church.  And, of course, Cyrus’ plan completely backfires – Sally comes off as a hero, because she is helping everyone at the scene of the bombing.

The typo on this meme made it even better.

Let’s see, what else is going on?  Oh, right.  Eli Pope got stabbed by his estranged wife, the terrorist.  So he’s in the hospital.  The Grants realize that they’re going to lose the election, which sucks.  B613 is shut down.  Huck and Quinn have become lovers in the nighttime (even though it’s daytime).  Harrison convinces Adnan Salif not to kill him, and he’ll protect her.  And… nope, I think those are all of the major plot points.  Aside from the fact that James Novak (Cyrus’ husband) was killed by Jake a couple episodes before.  That made me so sad!

So, President Grant is pretty sure he’s going to lose, so the family goes to stand by him while he speaks on the evening before Election Day.  As they’re standing behind him, Jerry the Fourth sneezes blood.  And then he does it again.  Mellie starts panicking, Jerry hits the deck, and the President stops his speech to carry him out and to the hospital.

But he doesn’t make it.  He’s a kid!  And he doesn’t make it!  President Grant has to bury his son.

Election Day dawns, and Olivia realizes that they’re going to win, now.  Everyone is going to vote for the guy who just lost his son.  So they win.  And Olivia realizes that she’s the common link between all of these terrible events.  It’s her.  So she contacts her father to let him know she’s going to run away.

Jake shows up as she’s packing, and decides he wants to run away with her.  The people and OPA are so upset – Abby is just screaming at her, and Huck is pretty much resigned.  Harrison, when he finds out, knows that something isn’t right, and goes to Eli to convince Liv to stay.

Except it is Eli who put her on a plane.

So, the episode ends with Harrison being held at gunpoint, because he figured out that Eli Pope started B613 up again, and that B613 killed Jerry Grant Four in order to assure Fitz would win.  Olivia and Jake are on a plane headed to who knows where.  Fitz is on the floor, and he won’t get up until Olivia gets there, but Liv won’t answer her phone.

And that’s it.scandalfinale2

WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN SEASON 4???  Oh gosh, I’m so excited to find out.  SEE YOU IN THE FALL, SCANDAL FANS!



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