Pretty Little Liars, “The Silence of E. Lamb”

Before I begin, I’ve heard from a couple of friends that they avoid my blog posts about PLL, because they’re not caught up.  Two things:  first, I LOVE that you’re reading my blog in the first place, so THANK YOU for that.  You’re great, all of you.  And second of all, I was behind for a long time, too!  And I don’t have cable, which makes watching them tricky.  Lucky for me, I have some wonderful friends.  🙂  So!  My point is, you’re wonderful, even if you can’t read my blog on PLL recap days, and I encourage you to go back and read them as you’re catching up!  I enjoy writing them – they’re some of my favorite posts to write, actually.

So!  We move along.

Previously on Pretty Little Liars… just, wow.  You know? 

But Pam Fields is back!  Hooray!  And she’s at school with Emily complaining about how one of Emily’s teachers wouldn’t do a video conference with her while she was in Texas.  Emily explains that said teacher is very low tech.  Why do we care about this?  Ahh.  Mrs. Fields spots Alison in the hallway.  They exchange a look, and then Alison (who is with Spencer) walks away.  Mrs. Fields tells Emily to invite Alison to dinner tonight, along with the other girls.  Pam wants Alison to know that not all adults are crazy.  Uhh.  In Rosewood, though?  They mostly are.  Emily looks wary about it.

Emily tells all of the girls about it during their morning bathroom meeting.  Okay, what is Hanna wearing?  It’s like… grundge?  Is that a thing?  Alison freaks out, saying that Pam is a planner, so something must be up.  Hanna wants to know if they’re supposed to be suspicious of everyone now, and Alison says it would save time.  Wow.  You all probably know how I feel about Alison being back (and especially about Emison), but I like her less and less with every passing episode.  The girls, being high schoolers, are mostly unavailable that night.  Aria is creeping around Radley, sniffing for clues.  Spencer is helping Ezra move spy stuff.  Hanna is… uhh.  Who knows.  But Alison says they’re going to do it, and everyone needs to be there.  Collective sighs.  Hanna is not happy with Alison making the rules again.

Alison asks Emily to walk her home from school, and then worries that her scarf won’t be enough to hide the bruises on her neck that A left.  Then Sydney pops out of a bathroom stall!  Man, haven’t they learned yet that the bathroom isn’t a safe place for top secret discussions?  That means that Sydney heard Hanna’s comment about Mona’s A-team… uh oh.  She admires Alison’s scarf, and the opening credits roll.

Emily and Sydney are discussing Paige’s rat discovery.  Apparently, Paige has a thing about rodents.  Sydney says that Paige was really shook up, and that she doesn’t believe a swimmer did it.  She says that everyone loves Paige, and then corrects herself to say “likes.”  Hmm.  I feel like that line is significant.  You know who Emily suspects, thought, right?  Mona.  Again.  It’s always Mona these days!  Emily then runs into Mona in the hallway, confronting her about the rat in Paige’s locker.  But she has to be careful, since Sydney is right there.  Mona is nasty, as per usual, and dodges Emily’s accusations.  Mona tries to blame the rat on a boy, particularly Nole Kahn, because Mona has his notes.  Wait, what?  Nole was helping Alison!

The next thing we see is… Swamp Thing?  Oh, it’s Caleb’s reading material.  He’s back at school, and Hanna tracks him down.  He is taking an exam to exit the school, I’m assuming something along the lines of a GED.  Hanna tells him that he should be reading something for real, instead of Swamp Thing.  True story, Hanna.  Caleb says he’s going to wing the exam by saying that Daniel Day-Lewis signed the Emancipation Proclamation.  HAHAHAHA.  That was a Lincoln joke.  What a jokester, that Caleb.  Hanna laughs, Caleb laughs, Hanna takes some of his fries… and things are suddenly awkward.  Sad face.  Go back to normal, Haleb!  Caleb sighs, because he knows Hanna, and he asks her what’s wrong.  She tries to play dumb, but he knows her.  He says that she only eats three fries at a time when she’s bugging out about something.  He wants to know if it has anything to do with Alison.  Hanna explains about dinner, and Caleb tells her to quit protecting Alison’s lies and sever ties.  Hanna says it would end up being like a divorce, sharing custody of her friends with Alison.  Caleb is always the cutest.  “If you lose them, you’ve always got me,” he says.  Awwwwww.  Then he goes to his test, and Hanna wishes him luck.

Aria shows up for her first volunteer shift at Radley and runs into Eddie Lamb right away.  He tries to make small talk, because you can tell he thinks he recognizes her.  He asks a bunch of questions, clearly suspicious.  Aria’s eyes bug out.

Alison is in the same classroom as Caleb.  “It’s good to see you again, now that the smoke has cleared.”  Huh?  Is that in reference to Toby’s house exploding?  Or is there more?  Caleb is pretty clear that he doesn’t believe Alison’s lie.  This is how she feels about that:pll silence of e lamb 1

Caleb makes a couple more quips about being on Hanna’s side of the whole thing, and then the scene shifts.  I love Caleb, but Alison is vindictive.  He’s going to get in trouble for this…

Aria is in art class at Radley, spreading out pictures.  She had slipped Bethany’s drawing into the pile.  This patient named Rhonda calls Aria a thief, saying she stole her drawing.  Aria covers it up, and the teacher quickly begins trying to calm Rhonda.  Aria knows she struck a nerve, so she covers the drawing up.  Ahh.  Bethany Young was Rhonda’s roommate.

Melissa is back.  She and Spencer talk in the backyard.  I guess Mr. Hastings is staying at Melissa’s apartment for the time being.  Wait… I thought Melissa had been living in London?  She still has her apartment in Philadelphia?  Melissa is cleaning out the barn, which no one has been in since Spencer’s “sober buddy” left.  She says he left food out… and has a rat in a garbage bag!  Ahh.  Melissa put the rat in Paige’s locker.  I see.

Hanna is pacing around the kitchen when Caleb shows up.  She asks where he’s been, and he said he was at the store.  She’s pissed, you can just tell.  I guess Alison left Hanna a pissy message about Caleb, and Caleb just rolls his eyes and cracks open a beer.  Wait, a beer?  Aren’t they supposed to be in high school?  He also says that he doesn’t need to catch Alison in a lie, because he’s way ahead of her.  Hmm.  What is going on?  And why is Caleb always drinking?  I guess he’s celebrating walking out on the test… huh?  Caleb!  Why?!  Oh, wait, I know.  It’s because you need Hanna in your life.  She’s your lobster.  Hanna then kicks him out.

Spencer shows up at Ezra’s, not super thrilled to be there.


She goes in and judges right off the bat.  Ezra is worried about Aria being at Radley, and Spencer jumps to her defense.  Eddie Lamb may or may not talk.  It will depend on circumstance, she says.  They start getting ready to move his crap, and Spencer says that Ezra is not allowed to do any heavy lifting.  She asks Ezra if she can borrow one of his spy cameras to watch someone.

Mona is watching the construction on Toby’s house.  Emily catches her, and Mona says a cryptic thing about stuff being there one minute and gone the next, POOF!  Oy.  Emily is mad that Mona put a rat in Paige’s locker, but Mona says that was an amateur move, and not something she’d do.

Spencer and Ezra put his stuff in storage, and then Spencer thanks Ezra for saving them on the rooftop back in Season 4.  Then Ezra goes on this rant about wanting to write about his family, but he couldn’t do it, so he picked a mystery he thought he could solve instead.  Spencer can relate, and explains that she wants to watch Melissa.  Ezra suggests putting down the puzzle pieces, and Spencer says that neither of them can do that.

Rhonda sneaks up on Aria.  Rhonda wants her drawing back, and says that thieves get their hands cut off.  “Whatchu gonna do, little girl, when you ain’t got no hands?” she says.  Aria gives the drawing back to her, and asks Rhonda where she got it from.  Rhonda gets mad, and then Eddie walks in to break it up.  Aria texts Emily to say that she’s going to be late to dinner, because she just found a puzzle piece.

Hanna is disposing of Caleb’s beer bottle when Emily comes flying in.  Apparently, Hanna tried to bail on the dinner, and Emily isn’t having it.  Hanna also tries to say that her mom washes her hair with beer, which, HAHAHAHA.  Emily points out that Hanna doesn’t have cramps or a headache, because her period isn’t for two weeks.  GIRLS ARE AWESOME LIKE THAT.  Hanna gives in, after insinuating that she knows Emily has been loving Alison in the nighttime, and says she’ll be there, and Emily tells her to brush her hair.  BEST SCENE TO DATE.

Aria tries to be a spy while Rhonda is in the shower, but Rhonda’s shower is being used.  Uh oh.  So what does Aria do?  She hides under Rhonda’s bed.  But, lo and behold, that’s where she finds Bethany’s sketchbook, or whatever.

Alison is being buddy-buddy with Pam, Emily looks awkward, and then Hanna shows up.  Alison looks like she’s going to bite Alison’s head off.  She tries to sound like she’s being a good friend, but you know she’s only looking out for herself.  Hanna makes it known that Caleb is the best thing in her life (AWWW), and Alison tells her not to make a mistake.  CHOOSE CALEB OVER ALISON!!  YOU KNOW IT’S THE RIGHT CHOICE!!  Gosh, Alison makes me mad.  Alison walks away, and Hanna pours herself some vodka.

When Aria finally leaves Radley, it’s late.  Eddie stops her.  He knows she’s looking for something.  Aria books it out of there.  Oh!  He saw the sketchbook in her bag!  Then Eddie calls Ezra!

There’s awkward conversation around the Fields’ dinner table, and Hanna says that she thinks people make their own luck.  Alison, who initially looks like she wants to kill Hanna, uses it to her advantage.  She tells an elaborate sob story about how she was imprisoned by a guy, and Emily and Hanna look really uncomfortable.  And Pam doesn’t believe a word.  Love it!  Hanna then chokes on her vodka, Alison helps Pam clear the table, and Emily sends Hanna home for being drunk.  What a train wreck of a dinner.

Aria brings the sketchpad to Spencer’s, and they investigate it.  The drawings get darker as the book goes on, and there’s one of a woman falling to her death out a window.  Toby’s mom!  Gasp!  Connections!  And there are pictures of Mrs. D everywhere!

Hanna meets up with Sydney at the Brew, and Sydney smells the alcohol on her breath.  She invites Hanna to “wait it out” with her, and they order coffees.  What is Sydney playing at?

Melissa and Spencer discuss their mother’s sparse eating habits these days, and Spencer admits that she’s on her mom’s side.  Melissa tries to be a big sister, which is stupid.  Spencer says it’s not about love, it’s about lies, and whispered conversations that stop when someone else walks into the room.  And it’s about Alison.  It looks like Melissa is going to tell Spencer something, but then she says “but it’s still about love, Spencer.”  She’s not going to spill after all.  Dang it.  At least Spencer knows she was close.

Hanna sobers up with Sydney, and Sydney brings up the Cavanaugh house explosion.  Hanna tries to explain about Jenna being a douche-nozzle without having to actually explain, but Sydney pries a lot.  Hanna slips and says Shana’s name, and Sydney gets suspicious.  Sydney and Shana must have known each other.  That must be the connection.  Because she sure doesn’t look happy here.  Hanna also slips up about New York… OH NO.pll silence of e lamb 3

Emily’s mom checks in on her and comments on how nice the time with Alison was.  Wait, what?  Emily looks confused too.  Pam admits that she kind of knew that Emily considered Alison to be more than a friend before she left.  Man, this is a solid heart-to-heart.  Pam, because she’s amazing, says that she still talks to people on the police force (oh yeah, she worked there for an episode or two), and Alison’s kidnapping story has some holes in it.  And they know that.  It’s a warning, but it’s good-natured.  She’s just looking out for her daughter.

Sydney offers to take Hanna home, but then Hanna spots Caleb coming into the Brew.  He’s taking all the baked goods, and she decides that she needs to talk to him.  He comes over to her, and a love song plays in the background.  Caleb sits down next to her after she says that she was kicked out of the dinner.  He tries to give advice about friends, but Hanna wants to talk about them instead of about Alison.  He brings up Travis, and Hanna says that Travis is out of the picture now.  Caleb admits that his time away from Rosewood (you know, when he was on that other show) changed him, and he’s not sure what he wants anymore.  But he says he still sees Hanna, so she kisses him.  SHE KISSES HIM!!  HALEB IS BACK!!!pll silence of e lamb 4

Spencer is falling asleep watching the spy camera feeds, and then she goes to the window.  Her iPad or whatever chimes – there’s movement on one of the cameras.  Someone is crossing the yard in the dark.  She pauses the camera at the perfect time – there’s a face.  And it looks a lot like Alison.

Emily calls Paige to say that she’s worried about her, and that she’s sorry, and that she’d like to hear from her, and it’s the cutest.  She almost says that she loves her!  First Haleb, now Paily??  I HOPE SO!!

Spencer sends an SOS, and Aria is talking to her on the phone when Ezra shows up at her door.  I guess Eddie had been trying to set up a meeting with him, but he never showed.

Spencer replays the video for everyone, and Emily comments that that’s not how she was dressed when she left Em’s house.  Aria asks questions about Alison and the dinner, and Emily tells them about how Hanna was drinking and that she kicked Hanna out.  The three of them get a text, and then Hanna walks through the door.  Hanna didn’t get a text from A, but the other three did.

“New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town.  Ali’s keeping secrets… maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth.”

SYDNEY!!  She must be on the A-team, right?

And then there’s A, opening Pam’s mail.  Rude.  And a federal offence, for the record.  Aria’s mom and Zack are having an engagement party.  That’s all I learned from that.  And that A is reading their mail and taking pictures of it.  RUDE!

Yikes!  Until next week, I guess!



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