There are two Mexicos, and I want to see them both.mexico1 mexico2

The first Mexico is the one you hear about on the Bachelor, the one that profits from Spring Break trips and honeymoons. This Mexico is full of all-inclusive resorts and English-speaking guests. This Mexico is the one everyone knows. I want to see this Mexico simply because I’ve never been, and coastal beauty is some of my favorite scenery.mexico4 mexico3

The second Mexico is one where my mother’s side of the family originates. This is the Mexico that the Republicans of this country despise, the Mexico that isn’t a pretty beach picture. There are drugs, and poverty, and people working themselves to the bone. But there is also heritage. There is also pride. This is the Mexico I am proud of. I would like to see this Mexico so that I could say that I’ve been to the place of my ancestors. It’s not perfect, but what is?mexico6 mexico7

I am rarely political, and I hate choosing sides. But I keep hearing about the immigration business, about politicians wanting to close the border. And it makes me sad. Because Mexico, this place I have never been, feels like it is a part of me. And the stigma associated with it in this country makes me angry.mexico5 mexico8

I want to see both Mexicos, but I am only proud of one.



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