Pretty Little Liars, “Scream for Me”

For the second time in as many weeks, the Comcast website won’t let me rewatch an episode of Pretty Little Liars so that I can recap it.  I’m sorry if I’m not witty when I’m completely shocked at what I. Marlene King and the rest of the gang thought of this week!  So, unfortunately, this recap is going to be shorter, sweeter, and full of questions.  Are you ready for this?

Before I begin, I want to commend AfterEllen for titling their recap “The Repercussions of Rape Culture.”  Because that’s what this episode is about, and it was so upsetting to me.  Hanna will always be near and dear to my heart, and this upset me very much.  But, I completely agree – we can’t have an episode that addresses victim-blaming without talking about Ezria.  I’m glad that AfterEllen addressed it, and I encourage everyone to read Heather Hogan’s recap here.  Also, I realize that my brain is completely screwed up for believing that Ezra and Aria are perfect for each other.  I know.  I’m glad this is fiction, because I would be unsure of where to go from here if it was real life.

All right, all right, all right.  (Said like Matthew McConaowihensdoyg, or however you spell it.)  Here’s what happened in this week’s Pretty Little Liars:

  • Alison: She stays at the Marin house while her dad is out of town.  Ashley Marin is super accepting and caters to her, but Hanna is over it.  So Hanna ditches, leaving Alison by herself to convince one of the adults that the threat is real.  So she hires Noel to break into the Marin house and stalk around.  I’m so over Alison, you guys.
  • Aria: Still sleuthing at Radley.  For a bag of Cheetos and a root beer, she gets Rhonda to tell her more about Bethany Young, and it turns out Mrs. D. would take her to the horse stables and stuff.  Also, she skips out on her mom’s appointment to find a maid-of-honor dress and yells at Hanna.
  • Spencer: Helps Aria with the sleuthing.  Is braggish about her horseback riding career.  Thinks her sister is somehow involved in the Bethany Young incident, because they found her riding helmet at the stable.  She also gets kicked in the face by a horse.  And her boyfriend is going to become a cop.  Well, at least Toby cut his hair, amirite?  Also doubts and yells at Hanna.
  • Emily: Unsuccessful at convincing Sydney that Hanna didn’t mean New York when she said New York.  She was just too drunk and stuff.  Sydney denies hearing “New York” when she was talking to Hanna, but then brings it up to Emily later.  Sydney, it appears, is not as good of a liar as she thought.  Emily also helps Spencer sleuth, but is afraid of horses.  And that’s not going to change, now that Spencer got kicked in the face.
  • Hanna: Here’s the meat of the post, right here.  Hanna is struggling, and it breaks my heart that the other girls aren’t more sympathetic to that.  She is sick of Alison, and Caleb is back and drinks a ton now, and she’s rebelling.  Drunk off her ass on straight whiskey, she wants a sandwich, and after, Zach (Ella Montgomery’s fiancé) gets all touchy feely.  She thinks she may have imagined it, but then he lets himself into her car and puts his hand all up on her thigh.  It’s skeevy, and I hated watching it.  But the part that broke me on the inside is when she tried to tell Spencer and Emily, and they didn’t believe her.  And then, she tried to tell Aria, and she straight up yelled at her, calling her a drunk and a liar.  And now, Hanna is worried about all of her clothes being too tight, too short, too everything, when nothing is her fault.  She’s hurting.  Her world is upside down, her spotlight is gone, and her boyfriend, the person who knows her best, her solace – he drinks now.  So she drinks with him.  I mean, come on – what would you do?

Some other stuff happened too, but that seems like the main point for everyone in this episode.  I have faith in the PLL writers, so they better not let me down.  Turn this around, guys.  Because Alison isn’t innocent, and Hanna is being victim blamed, and everything sucks right now.  I want them to fix it.  There are only three or four episodes left before the fall hiatus, so you better fix it fast, ABC Family.

Until Thursday (then I’m all caught up!),



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