“The Beat Stuff” by Hannah Georgas

Before I get too far into this song, I feel I should explain how I found it.  Have you ever heard of Hannah Georgas?  No?  Yeah, I hadn’t either, until I read an article in the Huffington Post about unique first dance songs.  So, backing up a little further – H and I don’t have a song.  Yet.  We don’t have a song yet.  Why?  How is it that two people can get married without having a song?!  Ha.  Well, we fit together perfectly in so many ways, but music is not one of them.  We do not like each other’s music.  It’s mutual.  We’re (usually) okay with it.  Sometimes I wish he’d listen to some of these songs that I love so much, because they remind me of him, but it’s okay that he doesn’t like them.  I like them.  That’s all that really matters.

Anyway!  My point is, I did an internet search for unique first dance songs for weddings, and this Huffington Post article showed up.  And I fell in love with how this Hannah Georgas song sounded.  I love interesting beats.  And, I mean, this song is called “The Beat Stuff,” so you had to know it was going to have a cool sound, right?  So, without further ado:

I ain’t got no fancy ride.

Ain’t got no money to go out tonight.

All I’ve got is this feeling inside.

All I’ve got is this beat-beat inside.

And all I know is what I want.

All I know is what I want is you.

I love it.  H did not.  Also, it’s a bit too fast for a first dance song.  So, even though we’re not going to use it in our wedding, I can still include it here.

And don’t worry, we’re on our way to finding a perfect song.  Turns out both H and I like Van Morrison.  Who knew?



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