Gosh. Another Sunday night, another night where I didn’t give myself enough time to write this blog post with the thoroughness it deserves. But, here we are. Sundays are rough, people! Ugh. And then tomorrow is Monday, already? UGH.

Anyway. I’m supposed to write about Italy today. And I got a little help from Touropia, because I’m feeling a bit sleepy, at the moment.

So! Here are 10 cities to visit in Italy (please read the original article for explanations – I feel that the pictures are enough. 🙂 

  1. Romeitaly1
  2. Tuscanyitaly2
  3. Veniceitaly3
  4. Pompeiiitaly4
  5. Amalfi Coastitaly5
  6. Milanitaly6
  7. Cinque Terreitaly7
  8. SicilyRagusa, Sicily
  9. Italian Lake Districtitaly9
  10. Naplesitaly10

Keep dreaming of traveling, my friends!



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