“Little Bit Gypsy” by Kellie Pickler

I wanted to write about this song when I first heard it months ago, but, at the time, I decided not to because of the political incorrectness involved with it.  Here’s a little history lesson before I get into why I love this song.

“Gypsy” is the slang English name for the group of people called Romani, or Roma.  Wikipedia spends a lot more time talking about the word “gypsy” than anything useful, but after clicking on the link to the Romani people, you learn that they most likely originated in India and traveled to Europe and the Americas.  Their dark skin, different language, and flashy way of dressing draws attention to them; they were also persecuted during the Nazi regime of World War II, although there were fewer of them, so their genocide isn’t as widely known as the Jewish genocide.  The first gypsy I had ever heard of was Esmerelda, the beautiful, magical woman who captured both Quasimodo and Phoebus’ hearts, and was being persecuted by Frollo, the devilish judge (whom I always thought was a priest).  Now, though, there are entire shows about gypsy weddings, which I find demeaning.  Also, Cher Lloyd is of Romani descent.

Anyway.  I digress. 

Kellie Pickler, it seems, did not mean the term racially at all.  She was talking about the way the gypsies moved around, carrying everything they own on their backs to new places.  So.  I guess I just decided that, since she wasn’t trying to be politically incorrect, it was all right to talk about this song.  Makes sense, right?  (Ehhhhh…)

Anyway, here we go.

I’m a traveling circus train

A spinning weathervane

Going where the wind blows, yeah

I was born to chase the sun

Some horses gotta run

Yeah I’m always gonna be

A little bit gypsy

Not for the first time, Kellie Pickler sings what’s in my heart.  I’ve never wanted to plant roots, really.  There are so many things that I still want to see and do.  I’ve always felt like I was, indeed, born to chase the sun.  I am never happier than when I am exploring a place that is awe-inspiring, and I just don’t find that in a 9-to-5 job and a steady paycheck.

So why am I rooted, all of a sudden?

H. Because love is more important to me than adventure. Being with him is more important to me that seeing the wonders of the world.

I don’t know where I’m headed to

I just know I wanna go with you

Do you want to go too?

He is, by no means, against going to new places, but he likes to have a home base that I’ve never found completely necessary.  But now I see it.  It’s nice to have a place that is ours, you know?  A place we can always return to, when we’re tired or lost or not sure what the next step is.

And besides – there are adventures in our future, no doubt about it.  They’re just not exactly what I imagined they would be.



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