Monster Dash Half Marathon Training, Week 2

“I’ve got my mind made up, and I can’t let go.  I’m killing every second until it saves my soul.  I’ll be running.  I’ll be running until the love runs out, until the love runs out.”  —OneRepublic, “Love Runs Out”

Monday – rest.

I meant to do some strength training, but I was feeling pretty exhausted, so I took the day off.  I did take Ole for a walk though, if that counts for anything.

Tuesday – 3.04 mile run.

Another run with Ole before the sun rose.  He’s a lot better at the before-the-sun shenanigans than I am.  This run felt difficult.  My pace was much slower than last week’s, around 10:30 for an average.  But I got the miles in, I only stopped when Ole had some business to attend to, and I went on with my day.

Wednesday – strength training… in the form of trying on wedding dresses!

Okay, so I didn’t actually do my crosstraining like I was supposed to… but I did try on a dozen wedding dresses, and it’s not like they’re super light, you know?  And I found mine, which just made the whole day worth it.

Thursday – 3.05 mile run.

Another early morning run with Ole.  It felt better than Tuesday – my pace was 10:12 for the three miles.  But I still feel myself dragging.  I’m blaming the alarm that went off at 4:15 am.

Friday – rest.

Literal rest day, since I didn’t go to work either.  I was feeling so worn down in the morning that I could hardly stomach the idea of getting out of bed, so I stayed home sick and hung out with our puppy.  For his part, he mostly let me nap and read in bed.  Mostly.  Then, H and I headed to the cabin.

Saturday – 4.95 mile run.

I had the pleasure of doing this jaunt with H’s mom.  She was the person who really got me into running in the first place, and we don’t get to see his parents as often as either of us would like.  Since H and I are getting married, AND H’s sister and her fiancé are also getting married, we had lots to talk about.

Sunday – several hours of walking… around a mall.

Ahh, yes.  My second wasted crosstraining day of the week.  I did do a fair amount of walking, but it was around a mall, so does that really count?  We were on a tie hunt, since H has been looking for a fun tie to wear for our wedding that we can sort of base the wedding colors on.  Our mission was successful.

Week two is now officially in the books, and week three has begun.  Training weeks always go by so quickly!  Week three will be even more interesting, since H and I are attending a wedding in the Windy City on Saturday, so my long run will have to be in the city.  I’m actually looking forward to the change of scenery!



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